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Boost Your Sexual Stamina With These 2-P Techniques – Use Them to Supercharge Endurance!

Boost Your Sexual Stamina With These 2-P Techniques – Use Them to Supercharge Endurance!

So, you want to boost your sexual stamina since your power in bed is not enough to please your partner. It is a fact that one of the things that every man wants to have is the sexual endurance. So, if you really want to last longer in bed, then what will you do? Well, in this article, you will learn about the 2-P techniques which are considered to be very effective. Just keep on reading.

Pleasing: Before we talk about how to boost your sexual stamina, you should understand that the main objective of having sex is to allow your partner to enjoy the activity. This is one of the reasons that men cannot stay in bed for any longer because they are afraid that they may not be able to satisfy their partners. If this is your case, then the answer is right here. Instead of focusing on pleasing her with your penis, then you should try to satisfy her with the various parts of your body instead.

To get your partner an orgasm, sexual intercourse is not the only answer. Actually, a woman needs emotional connection. She wants you to pay attention to her entire body, not just the genital area. What am I talking about? It’s easy. You may try to make a sexy conversation with her and try to focus on the sensuous areas all over her body. This way, she will be ready for the real action. Besides, you can add more time in bed with her as well.

Positioning: It is a fact that the positioning of your hips has something to do with how long you can stay in bed. If you perform penetration with strong hip movements, then it is possible that you will easily ejaculate, especially in the missionary position.

In addition, while you are performing penetration, it is very important that you should try to notice the positioning of her legs as well. If your partner’s legs are tightly closed, it does mean that your penis will get more pressure and stimulation. In this condition, you will not be able to last longer than a minute if you are not properly trained. In this case, you should try to spread her legs apart before making penetration. In this condition, performing deep thrust is highly recommended since she will get more pleasure and you will be able to stay longer in bed as well.…