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A Simple Way to Increase Sexual Stamina

By Suzana Mikolova Jan1,2022

A Simple Way to Increase Sexual Stamina

About 7 in 10 men suffer from premature ejaculation. Depending on how bad the problem is, it can often be embarrassing and stressful for both the partners. Sex is one of the biggest relievers of stress and it should not be a source of one.

The following techniques will allow you to overcome your premature ejaculation problems. There are a lot of pills and so called secret techniques being sold out there to solve this problem in a jiffy but the fact is that it takes time and patience to get better control over your ejaculation.

Did you know that a woman needs at least 15-20 minutes of sexual arousal in order to have an orgasm. If you cannot last that long, you might not be pleasing your woman. You must also be aware that a lot of women fake an orgasm to satisfy their lovers but would love to feel a real orgasm.

Your ejaculation problems are often related to the way you masturbate. Most men must have ejaculated very quickly when they were young because they wanted to masturbate very quickly. This is mostly because they did not want to be caught with their pants down in an embarrassing situation.

You can try to reverse this process by practicing a delaying procedure. The next time your masturbate, practice the following. As you get close to climaxing, take your hands off and allow the sensation to subside. It might be difficult to do at first but you will start to get the hang of it as time goes along.

The more and more you are able to delay climaxing during masturbation, it will directly show when you are having actual sex. Ejaculation problems are mostly mental problems that can be eliminated with a simple training of the mind.

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