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Bed Stamina – Best Trick to Build Up Stamina in Bed and Last Forever

By Suzana Mikolova Feb2,2021

Bed Stamina – Best Trick to Build Up Stamina in Bed and Last Forever

Building up Stamina in bed is crucial for any couple that wants to enjoy a healthy sex life, but unfortunately approximately 8 out of 10 couples have had their sexual encounters crippled by low bed stamina on behalf of the man.

Has this happened to you? If you’re here reading this short article, I’m sure it has. Otherwise you’d be wasting your time.

If it has happened to you, don’t worry because you can increase your current bed stamina levels relatively easily.

The key is to increasing your stamina levels permanently and not temporarily with some of the band-aid techniques everyone is selling is to first look at the primary cause of your short coming (pun intended!).

The “Why” Behind Low Bed Stamina

When a guy is young, his first sexual encounter is with himself most of the time. Frankly, masturbation feels good, so once a guy first discovers it he will do it pretty often for quite a long time (months or years or forever). Eventually, actual sex will predominate his sexual encounters, but in the beginning this is not the case.

Naturally, as young men in junior high school or high school we still live with our parents. Can you imagine getting caught by mom?

The mere thought of that is just bloody awful so we simply learn to minimize the chances of getting caught by mom or anyone else in the household. We get to the point and we get to the point quickly. We do this hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.

So What’s the problem with getting to the point quickly when we pleasure ourselves?

The problem is, we program ourselves at a sub-conscious level to have low bed stamina. Unfortunately, once we are programmed to get to the point quickly it can be really tough to fix the problem.

There are many potential options to improve your bed stamina

Some of these options I consider to be “high grade” and others I consider to be “low grade” options.

Low Grade Bed Stamina Solutions:

This includes temporary fixes. Temporary fixes only mask the problem or solve the problem one encounter at a time. Examples of this include things like desensitizing creams, pills, or extra thick condoms to also desensitize the man.

To me, these are horrible solutions that will constantly drain your wallet.

High Grade Bed Stamina Solutions

The best high grade solution includes a step by step easy to follow way to increase your bed stamina. It teaches more of a holistic approach. I call it the Silver Bullet Stamina technique. It’s a way to mentally and physically re-program yourself to last longer than a minute or two or three. It will help you erase the poor programming dating back to your adolescense. You will encounter a relatively quick metamorphisis from a minute man to a marathon man in bed. YOUR GIRL WILL BE MORE SATISFIED THAN EVER!

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