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Boxing For Exercise

By Suzana Mikolova Nov15,2021

Boxing For Exercise

Boxing is a great sport and all those pro boxers are super fit, they have to be because nobody wants to lose a fight. Other than boxing being a really good sport to watch the training is a super fun way to exercise.

Before you get scared away you don’t actually have to fight to do boxing exercises. There are many exercises that you can do without even putting on a pair of gloves that pro boxers do to build their stamina and fitness levels up.

One of those exercises is skipping or as some call it jump rope. Every boxer in the gym jumps rope and there is a good reason for this, it’s great cardio that builds your stamina and it’s also good for that foot work that boxers need in the ring to bounce back and forward to avoid punches.

Skipping for 15 minutes before or after your workout will burn lots of calories and work up a good sweat to get you ready for the next exercise or to warm down. Once your all warmed up you can do another boxing exercise that boxers do to keep fit and that’s chin ups.

Chin ups work lots of areas of the upper body and will strengthen your muscles for more powerful punches. Four sets of 10 chin ups would be a great work out for any beginner.

Push ups are another movement that boxers do when training for a fight and performing push ups will increase your punching power and strengthen your muscles like chin ups. Do three sets of 20 push ups and feel your chest muscles get pumped.

Hitting a punching bag is definitely another exercise that professional boxers do to build stamina and fitness. Working around a swinging bag punching out all kinds of combos for 5 minutes will bring on a good sweat. Do this three times with two minute breaks after each 5 minutes for an awesome bag workout.

Shadow boxing is when you imagine you are in the ring with another person. This may feel a little weird and funny at first but when your moving around punching the air like you would if you where in a fight it is actually a really good workout especially for 3 minutes straight. Do four rounds of shadow boxing and feel the fat burn off.

Sprints are another way to increase your fitness and a lot of boxers do sprints to get that ring fitness up. When a fighter is in the ring against an opponent they will be doing a lot of short bursts of punches. This is where sprints come in handy because doing 100 meter sprints is in a way like doing short bursts of punches. Do five 100 meter sprints with 1 minute rests.

Jogging is will increase your fitness level and its another exercise all boxers do to build their stamina. Jog for 5 miles every morning and you will be ready for just about any exercise in the day.

Do all these exercises a few times a week and watch that fat burn off and your fitness level burst through the roof. You will feel great and super fit.

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