How To Stop Ejaculating Too Soon During Sex – Very Powerful Methods That Will Boost Your Sex Stamina

How To Stop Ejaculating Too Soon During Sex – Very Powerful Methods That Will Boost Your Sex Stamina

A lot of men aren’t able to stop themselves from ejaculating too soon. If you are one of those, I know the way you feel. I’ve been through it and I know how hard it can be. But here’s the thing: You can cure premature ejaculation. I managed to do it. If it’s possible for me, it can be possible for you too.

Lasting longer in bed is all about having control over your stimulation. If you have more control over your stimulation, you can stop yourself from ejaculating too soon and therefore you can last longer. There are lots of things you can do to help you gain more control over the stimulation.

Here are the most powerful methods to gain more control over your stimulation and increase your sexual stamina…

Kegel exercises – There are certain exercises called Kegel exercise that help you have more control over your arousal. These exercise work the PC Muscle which controls your urine flow and semen flow. So working this muscle will surely help. This particular exercise involves the contraction and the relaxation of the PC muscle. When you are urinating, stop the urine midway (you will feel a muscle contract). That’s the muscle you have to work on. Keep contracting and relaxing the muscle when you are masturbating or whenever you are free.

Changing your beliefs – It’s been found that the cause of low sexual stamina is purely negative beliefs. You might not be the problem. It could be your negative beliefs that could be screwing you up in bed (This is true 9 times out of 10). Unless you believe that you can perform in bed, you won’t be able to perform. It takes time to change your beliefs.

But the first step to changing them is to become aware of the beliefs you have about yourself. Your belief is created by your thinking. So you just have to reinforce the negative thoughts with powerful and more positive thoughts. Within no time, you will be the amazing Sex God whom your man craves to have sex with.