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It is not black. It is purple

By Suzana Mikolova Mar10,2023

Personal care products often come in sleek black glass containers. However, you may have noticed that some containers, like apothecary jars, are purple instead. While black is often used to suggest exclusivity, the real reason for the purple hue is that bottle suppliers use violet glass, which can protect the products from harmful light rays. This feature is especially useful for natural products without preservatives and a shorter shelf life. By using purple glass, these products can maintain their potency and efficacy for extended periods. This is the main reason why companies opt for wholesale glass dropper bottles suppliers that manufacture containers using purple glass. For example, a company that sells natural face oils may use a purple glass dropper bottle to preserve the product’s nutrients and prevent oxidation from sunlight.

What’s the trick?

Rainbows are beautiful displays of the different colours of light. However, they do not reveal ultraviolet and violet rays that are invisible to the naked eye. Recent research has found that these types of light can help preserve products and enhance their properties. Violet glass containers, for example, can keep products like acne ointment fresher for extended periods due to their ability to block other light rays and only allow violet and ultraviolet rays to pass through. This technique is not new; the ancient Egyptians used violet crystal containers to preserve oils used for embalming their pharaohs’ bodies over 5,000 years ago. Natural skincare brands use this technique today to protect their products from degradation and maintain their potency. For instance, a serum containing vitamin C can remain stable and effective for extended periods if packaged in violet glass instead of clear or amber glass.

A highly versatile glass

Glass containers offer the advantage of being reusable after depleting the product inside. But when it comes to violet glass, the possibilities are endless. It can store spices, keeping their aroma and flavour intact. For coffee lovers, freshly ground coffee can be stored in apothecary jars made of violet glass, preserving its flavour and aroma for days. Even water can be stored in violet glass to energise it and enhance its qualities. A candle in a violet crystal container can work wonders when creating a calming ambience at home. Platforms like Pinterest offer a treasure trove of ideas for DIY projects using violet glass containers, from making natural beauty products to creating unique home decor items. With its versatility and protective properties, violet glass is an excellent choice for both practical and creative purposes.


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