Making Yourself Last Much Longer In Bed – Here Are Super Effective Ways of Lasting Longer In Bed!

By Suzana Mikolova Mar21,2022

Making Yourself Last Much Longer In Bed – Here Are Super Effective Ways of Lasting Longer In Bed!

They say that women’s orgasms are 7 times as powerful as men’s. So can you think how bad your partner would feel when you couldn’t last enough and denied her a mind-blowing orgasm? A woman’s orgasm and your staying power is closely correlated. And the fact is, by using simple methods, techniques and exercises, it is very easy to increase your sexual stamina greatly.

Method 1: Refractory Period

When you (as a man) orgasm, you can’t have an erection and be stimulated for some time after that. If you masturbate 45 min to 60 min before sex; it will help incredibly in relieving you of a lot of unwanted sexual tension which otherwise would cause you to ejaculate prematurely. This can increase your lasting time by 2-3 times all by itself.

Method 2: Kegel Exercises

To solve the PE problem, it’s useful to take a look at the ejaculatory mechanism. The pelvic floor muscle is the muscle that controls the ejaculation – it determines when you will be ejaculating. It is the muscle that contracts rhythmically during your orgasm. It must be noted that the stronger those muscles are, the more sexual stamina you will have.

Like any muscle, this muscle can be trained. Unlike other muscles, you don’t need any weights or need to be in a gym to work these muscles. There is a very specialized and easy exercise called the Kegel Exercise that will increase your PC muscle’s strength incredibly in a very short amount of time. It is as easy as contracting the muscle several times – you can do this even when you’re at work!

What you must understand from this article, at the very least is, if you can’t last enough for your partner, you are not the first person to do so – there are millions of people with the same problem, and I used to have it myself. There are so many good methods and ways which will solve this problem – it just takes a little exercising and practice.

Remember – a female orgasm is the most powerful and intense feeling in the world. Don’t deny your partner this great thing!

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