Stamina Training

By Suzana Mikolova Nov 27, 2020

Stamina Training

Let’s say you have an edge on your competition in talent, but if they can out hustle you due to better endurance, your extra talent won’t do you any good. I can’t stress enough the importance of having conditioned lungs that will allow you to play your hardest every minute your on the court.

I can remember taking a couple weeks off in the summer and then getting out on the court in a competitive atmosphere. I had this guy guarding me that I knew I was better than, but unfortunately my body wasn’t up to the task of out working him. He was talking trash like he had been schooling me for weeks. It really burned me up inside knowing that if I had been prepared I could have kept him silent. Nothing seemed to be in sync. I was gasping for breath, which seemed to be the only thing I could think about. The focus I felt when in great condition just wasn’t possible. I was being beat to loose balls and my defense was sluggish…

After that lesson, I committed myself to being in great running condition. I refused to let someone out play me because of conditioning.

Here is the conditioning workout I did every summer throughout high school.

Monday 4 mile run (7 min. miles or faster) 45 minute continuous shooting workout ( will go into detail in the shooting section)

Tuesday 1 mile run (full speed) Jumping Exercises (Will go into detail in Boosting your Vertical Jump)

Wednesday 2 mile run while performing ball handling drills/ followed by proper defensive slides around the track 2 laps alternating

Thursday 1 mile run (full speed) Jumping Exercises

Friday 4 mile run 45 minute continuous shooting workout

Saturday 45 minute continuous shooting workout, 2 Times

Sunday Extensive Stretching and Rest

The Ultimate test of physical and mental toughness

I truly believe one of the best things you can do in the off season to get your stamina up, is to work on your 1 mile run time. Steve Prefontaine has always been one of my idols growing up. Just in case you haven’t heard of him, he was one of the greatest 1 mile runner’s of all time.

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