Support During and After Pregnancy and Delivery

If you’re expecting a baby but are unsure of relying only on the nurses and doctors at a hospital or if you want additional support when you have questions or concerns, then consider using the services offered by a doula. This is a person who will offer the emotional support that you need while you’re pregnant and who can answer any questions that you have about pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. Your doula will also be someone who can stay with you in the delivery room. This is beneficial if you don’t have a partner who will be with you or your partner will be away from home during the delivery. An example would be if your partner is in the military and unable to make it home in time for the birth.

What’s Offered? 

When you begin looking at any doula program services salt lake city ut, you want to talk to someone who is experienced and who understands that labor and delivery process. This is a person you should feel comfortable with when talking about your body because your doula will likely be with you in a few personal situations. After your baby is born, your doula can help you with cleaning and cooking your home so that you can get the rest you need and so that you can enjoy time with your new baby. The type of doula you use will impact the services that are offered. A labor and delivery doula is one who will assist with any physical or emotional needs that you have during pregnancy or during the delivery process. A postpartum doula is one who helps after you get home from the hospital. You can usually find a doula by looking online or by talking to your doctor. Some doulas advertise their services at birthing classes as well.


You’ll want to find a doula you’re comfortable with a few months before your due date. This is so that you can talk about your birthing plan as well as the desires that you have for being either at home or in the hospital when your baby arrives. Your doula can help you create the plan that you want and submit it to your doctor as well as the hospital that you choose if you don’t plan to give birth at home. You should be comfortable asking questions about labor and delivery. You should also feel comfortable asking questions about your body during your pregnancy. Some of the things that you talk to your doula about might not be things that you feel comfortable discussing with your doctor. While talking to your doula, you can mention some of the concerns that you have as well as the positive experiences that you expect and that you’ve had while pregnant, such as your ultrasound or feeling your baby move.

If there are any concerns about your pregnancy, then your doula can document them and submit them to your doctor or the hospital. Sometimes, your doula can offer suggestions about when to go to the hospital. Your doula is someone who is often available to take you to doctor’s appointments and to the hospital as well.