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How To Have Sex For Longer Durations – 2 Very Effective Tips That Boost Your Sex Stamina!

By Suzana Mikolova Jan6,2021

How To Have Sex For Longer Durations – 2 Very Effective Tips That Boost Your Sex Stamina!

Sexual stamina in bed is an extremely crucial factor in determining a man’s MANLINESS. If he can’t last long enough, the girls will talk bad about him. And it will definitely bring down his manliness.

If you feel insecure of the fact that you can’t last long enough, read on. Don’t worry. I was there and went through the same experiences just like you did. But guess what? I figured it out and increased my sex stamina. It’s possible for you too.

Increasing your sex stamina comes down to just one thing – your ability to have control over your stimulation and therefore, exercise that control over your ejaculate. If you can learn to control the stimulation’s you are feeling and not be consumed by those feelings, you will definitely be able to last for as long as you want. REAL men learn to control these sensations and therefore exercise that control over the ejaculate. It is a skill you have to master at all costs.

Here are the effective tips to boost your sex stamina…

Affirmations – Not a lot of people are aware of the power of affirmations. And even those who know about it are too lazy to use it. Affirmations can simply change your life within some time. The key to success with affirmations is to repeat the statements consistently and persistently.

Over time, you will start to see results. Start saying the following affirmations to yourself on a daily basis: “I can last for hours together in bed. I have a high sexual stamina.” Repeat these affirmations aloud for twenty five times daily for the next thirty days. And then you will know whether they worked or not.

Shift your focus towards her – Shifting your focus towards her and her needs instead of yours will certainly help you last longer. It will also subtly affect your confidence and thereby, help you have more control over the ejaculate. Make out with her for a longer session. Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. Play around with her nipples, navel and neck.

Oral sex for a while is also extremely good to stimulate her and prepare her for a quick orgasm. You can also have her blindfolded and play around by running ice cubes through her naked body. Doing such things will definitely help you last a longer duration during sex. A foreplay that lasts for about at least thirty-forty minutes is recommended before thrusting your penis. Changing sexual positions often will also help you last longer.

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