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Lasting Longer in Bed – 2 Strategies for All Night Stamina

By Suzana Mikolova Jan11,2021

Lasting Longer in Bed – 2 Strategies for All Night Stamina

If you want to learn the secrets to lasting longer in bed, then you need to read and apply what’s in this article. First we will talk about the ideal positions for ejaculation control. Next, we will learn one specific technique that will both maximize HER pleasure while at the same time making you last as long as you want! By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to last MUCH longer during sex, starting tonight.

Step 1: Positions for Maximum Control

Let’s look a couple positions that will automatically make you last longer, since they allow you to relax, while allowing your woman to focus on her own pleasure. This sort of timing can lead to some great simultaneous orgasms! Read on.

Cowgirl Position

For many men, coming too soon has a lot to do with being to tense, not relaxed enough. Solving this problem can be as simple as letting the girl do the work! By putting her on top, you can focus on staying relaxed, while she can focusing on directing your ‘magic stick’ to all of her hot zones.


This is a little bit counterintuitive, but I personally feel like I have excellent control while in doggystyle. In this position, you can pound away when your arousal is dropping, or you can get deep inside her and do more of a grinding motion, to minimize stimulation of your sensitive head while maximizing the deep massage of her vagina. Add in some clitoral stimulation with your hand for bonus points!

Step 2: The ‘Secret’ Thrusting Technique for Stamina and Mutual Pleasure

Think about the sort of thrusting you typically see in adult films – it’s rapid, and involves full strokes, in and out. This is a sure way to come too fast!

Some women do like being pleasured like this, but many don’t. It ignores the fact that grinding the woman’s clit while inside her can be the best way to get her to an amazing orgasm!

I’m talking about what many people have described as circular thrusting, where you (in missionary style) enter her deeply, and stay inside her while you use your pubic bone area to grind against her clitoris. This allows you to deeply stimulate her vagina while her very sensitive clit receives full stimulation. And the best part? This technique allows you to stimulate her most sensitive parts with the least sensitive part of your penis –

you’ll last MUCH longer

Moving On

So there you have it. Now you have two positions to try out tonight, along with a semi ‘secret’ technique that will have you lasting MUCH longer. Your woman will thank you!

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