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Want to Last Longer? Exceptionally Powerful Sexual Positions and Techniques Which Are Guaranteed!

By Suzana Mikolova Mar28,2022

Want to Last Longer? Exceptionally Powerful Sexual Positions and Techniques Which Are Guaranteed!

So you want to last longer. Premature ejaculation is a disease that is present in almost eighty percent of the human male population. Women are extremely frustrated because of this. There are lots of magic fixes like pills and gels that claim to make you last longer. But the real truth is that they don’t work. Moreover, they contain harmful substances which will cause impotence(in pills).

The only known way to correct premature ejaculation is the natural method. The natural method involves practice of sex positions, techniques and exercises to boost your sexual stamina and help you gain control over your ejaculate.

A soccer player can only enjoy his game and increase his skill if he has stamina. If he has no stamina, he’ll hate the game. The same is in the game of sex. If you want to enjoy having sex and increase your lovemaking skills, you need to have stamina. And stamina can be gained by the use of these powerful techniques.

Here are the powerful techniques and sex positions to make you last longer….


Thrusting is a powerful technique which makes your woman scream with pleasure. Thrusting involves a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. The most sensitive parts in woman’s vagina are within the first couple of inches.

So when you shallow thrust, your penis enters only about one to one and a half inches. A deep thrust is when your penis enters her vagina completely. Doing this exercise will make you ejaculate less and thereby helping you last longer.

The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is a sex position which has lots of names like woman on top, jackhammer, etc. You have to lay on your back and insert your penis into your vagina.

Laying on your back keeps your body muscles relaxed and your woman is the one who’s doing the stimulation. Therefore you will have more control on when to let go and will be able to enjoy the beginning more.

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