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You Will Never Last Longer In Bed – Stop Committing These Mistakes Or Continue To Be Frustrated!

By Suzana Mikolova Mar26,2022

You Will Never Last Longer In Bed – Stop Committing These Mistakes Or Continue To Be Frustrated!

Have you become frustrated with your low sexual stamina? Do you feel you can’t last longer in bed despite of trying? If so, don’t worry. I can understand how it is to feel frustrated. I know you aren’t able to share the fact with anyone and want to get the problem handled. If you’ve tried to do something about it before but have failed, it could be because you committed some mistakes.

Most of us are quite unaware of these mistakes as they happen at an unconscious level. It just feels so normal to us that we aren’t even aware of it. And these mistakes are the most disastrous. They cause you to ejaculate faster and make you have a low sexual stamina. The keys is to become aware of these faults and to stop committing them.

Here are the deadly mistakes that are stopping you from lasting longer in bed…

Irregular movement of your penis – Irregular movement of your penis inside her vagina can reduce or improve the control you have over your arousal. If you insert your penis too deep early on, you will have poor control over the stimulation. This is what a lot of men do. They thrust hard and deep. If you do so, you won’t be able to satisfy her.

Apart from that, you will not last long enough either. Your goal is to stimulate her clitoris with your penis. And that can only be done if you move your penis in a slow and shallow motion. Move your penis in a circular motion.

This will make you hit her G-spot repeatedly which will stimulate her even further. In order to stimulate her G-spot, you can also put your finger inside her vagina and move it(Works Best). If you are up for it, you can also insert your tongue in. That’s one of the best ways to give a woman pleasure.

Not changing sexual positions – Doing the same sexual positions for a longer period will definitely make you ejaculate faster but it won’t satisfy your woman nor will it help you last long. It will only make YOU reach orgasm quickly.

If you want the two of you to experience orgasms, you will have to be prepared to change sexual positions repeatedly. Changing sexual positions often will make your woman stimulated more. Apart from that, you are less likely to lose control over the ejaculate as you keep changing positions. So learn different kinds of sexual positions and start using them.

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