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Become a Stud in Bed

By Suzana Mikolova Feb21,2021

Become a Stud in Bed

Sex is something that a lot of folks take for granted. Some look at it as simply something that keeps a relationship going and they do it just to be like everyone else. Others look at it as torture and have as little as possible. A majority of the time, any kind of shake up in a sexual relationship is due to the fact that the woman is not satisfied. It could be several different factors: inexperience, size of the package, and many other things. What a woman wants is a STUD!!! Size does matter but the mantra ‘its not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean’ rings true also. Here is a little look on just how to be a stud in the bedroom.

The very first thing that a man should do to be a stud is well, think like a stud. Confidence is the key. A healthy sexual relationship is based on two parties that think alike and look at sex the same way. It should be looked upon as a spiritual encounter not something that is forced. When an open minded outlook is taken towards sex, your mind will be focused on your partner and nothing else. You are going to be focused on the task at hand and that is making sure the woman is being pleased.

As far as size goes, in today’s world there are many alternatives. Don’t be ashamed to go to the local drug store and inquire about drugs such as Extenze. Extenze is formulated to bring blood flow to the genitals which in turns makes the penis bigger. It also has natural based ingredients which aids in testosterone buildup which again helps a man last longer. It is proven that these pills work, with some giving as much as a couple inches of length and girth. Trust me, once you use these pills for a while and have sex, not only is she going to think you are a stud, you are going to think that you are a stud.

Finally, keeping care of your body. No fatty is a stud, well unless you are Ron Jeremy (Ha Ha). A healthy body is the product of a healthy mind and that ingredient is needed for studdom. Meditation, such as yoga, helps keep the mind sharp and its age old knowledge that it is good for sex. Yes, you are measured as a stud by the size of your tool, but if you are able to last longer and make sex interesting, in no time your lady friend will think you are the stud of the world.

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