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The Marathon That Beats Age

The Marathon That Beats Age

Many people have turned to sporting contests involving running, swimming, and cycling to get into better shape. What makes these sports tick is that they are not limited to any particular age. You will see both the young and the old converge in one spot while waiting for the trigger of the gun to set them off. Many of our senior citizens have testified in favor of these sports. Many have admitted to getting in good shape as they are forced to leave bed at the crack of dawn to exercise. They train for a couple of months awaiting the big race and the day when they can actually go an extra mile in their race. The aftermath of the race: pain in the muscles.

To have a healthier body, you need to maximize what you do right before the race, through to after the race. Pre-race routines that many do are: having a light snack, hydrating adequately, and warming up. These are very vital. What you do prior to the race determines how your body reacts to the strain you put on it. On getting in the real race, you are completely taken up by the challenges thrown your way. You will see contestants who will pursue you like your shadow. You will also probably be trying to overtake the immediate guy before you. Nevertheless, you hit the finish line; look at your timer, and then proceed to cool down.

Yes, good health also involves watching what you do to your body after the race. Proper post race habits will give you a good stamina and keep you continuously fit for future races. A few things you may do at this stage could include trying out a few simple stretches while in the shower, that is if you have a no-slip mat and ample space to move. Make this a routine while bathing in warm water as this aids in relieving you of any tension. Start by squatting down holding that pose for not less than 20 seconds. After that, slowly reach out for your toes and hold that pose for another 20 seconds.

A good scrub is very crucial in helping you eliminate the race grime. Besides, it also relives your tired limbs of tension. Smear a small quantity of shower gel on your washcloth or sponge and scrub yourself using small circular motions. Consider adjusting your hand pressure and scrub stroke where necessary to soothe your tired body parts. Ensure the gel you use will not leave any oily residues on your body. If you have to go out of your city for another race, ensure the amount of gel you carry along is double the usual, just like the shampoo and shaving cream. Alternate the use of warm and cold water while cleaning up in the shower. It helps stimulate your circulation and speeds up recovery as well. Do this three times and let it center on parts of your body that are especially sore. You will recover in a pretty short because of the self massage. The older you grow, the more vigilant you should become about your routines. That is how you will be able to take good care of yourself at old age.…

What Is VigRX and How It Works

What Is VigRX and How It Works

VigRX is a scientifically tested herbal aphrodisiac and it is know to treat impotence successfully. It is also known to stimulate sexual performance, increase the production of sperms in the testes and make sure that the penis is erect during sex. This product is also known to improve the peripheral tissue and as a result, this improves on the arterial erection dysfunction. Without changing the pressure of the individual, it increases the blood flow to penile veins and arteries and this is what makes it easy for men to experience increased stamina.

VigRX should be taken on a daily basis for the effects to be noted. In this case, men are advised to take one pill two times in a day. It is important to adhere to this prescription as it ensures the pill is assimilated in the blood system and hence, it maintains this stamina making it easy for the man to hold in this position for a long duration. The best thing about this product is the fact that it is 100% safe and hence, it does not pose any danger to the individual. This is attributed to the fact that it is manufactured from some of the world’s best renowned herbs. These include; Epimedium Leaf Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf, Asian Red Ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng and Saw Palmetto Berry also known as Fructus Serenoae among others.

It is important to note that all these herbals have been approved by the right authoritative bodies and for this reason, there are no side effects associated with VigRX. They all work by going directly to the male genitalia and affecting the hormonal levels. In turn, this increases blood flow to the responsive cells found in the penis. In summary, it can be noted that VigRX is able to increase blood circulation in the genitals, increase testosterone production, increase sexual stamina and virility. To cap it all, it also aids in penis growth stimulation during intercourse.…

Extenze: Unsatisfied With The Size Of Your Sexual Organ?

Extenze: Unsatisfied With The Size Of Your Sexual Organ?

With the great advances we experience in technology today, physical enhancement schemes and other methods are not far behind. This includes drugs and medicines to improve one’s health and appearance, as well as surgical procedures on different body parts. However, when we talk of enhancing the size of the male’s private organ, most men opt to go for natural means and often afraid to undergo surgical processes since effects would be irreversible once something wrong happens. Thus, Extenze has always been a good choice.

Who would not want a longer and a lot firmer penis? Of course, this is every guy’s dream and many of you who want to achieve this choose male enhancement pills which are far safer to use, having no extreme side effects. Among these pills, Extenze is one product that is very popular today. This has been created after careful studies and research, and is made from all organic and natural herbs.

Using the amazing abilities of this penis enhancing pill, any man can improve his sexual stamina just by taking it once a day. You will surely improve your overall sexual condition as your penis becomes fuller and harder every time it erects. You will gain an intensified climax that is a lot longer, giving you and your partner a far pleasurable sexual encounter.

Let’s take a look how the ingredients of this product work. The ingredients actually amplify the flow of blood into the chambers that goes down to the penis, called corpora cavernosa. Once you get aroused, blood runs through this area of the body which fills in this chamber, making your erection. If there is an increased amount of blood flow on this part, your erection would be lengthier, enhancing the sensation you’d feel. Surely, the fuller and more solid erection you have, the more satisfying your sexual experience would be. By having this, you will gain a lot more sexual feeling that heightens your peak every time you do the act. Your lover would also surely enjoy this.

Extenze is proven to contain only natural and organic ingredients, which includes Pregnanolone, Tribulus terrestris, Zinc, Korean Ginseng, DHEA and other components that are known to contain no processed coloring or preservatives. This is 100 percent safe to use and has no tremendous side effects reported.

Results show that this product can actually be effective to any man from all ages. Effects would be felt after taking this daily for a couple of weeks. It is advised that even if you have achieved satisfying effects within a couple of days, you shouldn’t stop taking in the pills. Make it a habit to take a pill a day like vitamins that enhances your overall health and fitness.…

Male Stamina Pills: Poppin’ Your Way to Sexual Dominance

Male Stamina Pills: Poppin’ Your Way to Sexual Dominance

Male stamina pills can be life changing if you combine them with exercise and compound your results.

This article was created to show you what pills and herbs can help with stamina and how to use stamina pills to cure premature ejaculation or develop that ideal stamina you’ve been looking for.

In male enhancement, pills that boost male performance usually sacrifice on stamina.

So what ingredients in stamina pills and herbs work?

There is one major key to boosting stamina that can’t be cured any other way than through nutrition or through male stamina supplements.

It’s called your serotonin levels. Having a healthy balance of serotonin levels is actually the key ingredient to male stamina as far as pills go. I feel that everything else can be cured through exercises and products around stamina. The ONE thing pills have up on anything else is the ability to balance our serotonin levels.

But there’s a huge problem with the balancing of these levels. Drugs. Real chemically produced drugs and as we all know these drugs kill male enhancement and can cause huge amounts of side effects that kill us over time..

This aspect of stamina is very hard to address than through proper balance.

Well to be honest there’s only two things that herbs can do for stamina.

You can get relaxation herbs which will help your body be more receptive to sexual energy in your body. A huge key in male stamina is to have all of the pressure and energy around your sexual organ regulate through your you don’t all of your pressure is locked up inside of your pelvis and it causes premature ejaculation. Stamina can’t be achieved when men are under pressure and in anxiety. They have to live inside of the moment and let go of the stress of but essential

So key ingredient number one to male stamina pills is the ability to relax your body to let your sexual energy regulate and even heal your body and I’ve found a very small number of pills that can produce stamina.

After hundreds of hours of research and experimentation I’ve come to the conclusion that male enhancement pills can actually help male stamina IF they have a good balance between hormone production and blood flow throughout the body. But the key is making sure the energy leaves the penis and pelvic bones or an explosion of premature ejaculation occurs.

So the second key to stamina pills is simple:

2. Blood circulation. There are huge amounts of products that can provide blood circulation but the balance between energy distribution is crucial because the blood has to be able to circulate OUT of the male penis and pelvic area.

Pills are a great way to increase length, size and stamina but the biggest benefit is the confidence you get from the results.…

The Secrets of Long-Term Health – Stretching For Fitness Success

The Secrets of Long-Term Health – Stretching For Fitness Success

I used to have an old Kawasaki motorcycle that just would not run right unless you gave it about 5 minutes of warm-up time. The thing would bog down, stall out, and sputter like crazy! Once it had a chance to warm up, though, the bike ran great, idled well, and picked up quick.

Our bodies are a lot like that old beater bike in that way. When you are getting ready to do your workout, you need to be sure to warm up. A typical warm up should include stretching, a short jog to get your heart rate up, and some very light repetitions of the exercise you’re about to begin. The other day I went jogging with my wife around the block. As we were getting ready to go, I made sure to stretch out thoroughly.  We ran a pretty good distance, and when we got done I was hardly winded. A couple of nights after that I was going out jogging again, but this time I didn’t focus so much effort on the stretching beforehand. This time I wasn’t able to go half as far, and I had to stop several times to catch my breath! I was absolutely amazed at the difference that stretching made!

Another example, this one from just a few days ago: I go to the gym during my lunch break at work. It was chest day, so I did my stretches, but this time focused more on really stretching down deep. I really focused on loosening up my chest and shoulders for about five minutes, then did a light set of chest press. I went on to put up more weight than I ever had before, with what seemed like a lot less exertion than I normally have to go through!

So set yourself up for some great successes with your workouts! Your body will be healthier, and you will find added strength and stamina.…

Discover Possibly the Best OTC Remedy for Depression

Depression affects millions of people every year and countless people throughout history. It has also taken the lives of constant people, beloved artists, friends, loved ones and more. We are in desperate need of a cure. Is a cure possible? We are at least desperate for more and more effective treatments. Anti-depressants are only found to be about 50%-70% effective. While this is a tremendous advance from just fifty years ago and more, we can’t stop there. 

And what do those do who aren’t helped by antidepressants. As we said, they don’t work for everyone. Where do they go? And some can’t physically tolerate drugs. What are they to do? Some go to natural remedies, such as herbal remedies. A natural remedy is what I’m going to be telling you about.

Actually, it’s four natural rememdies all working together as one supplement. Each of these alone is used all over the world to rescue people from the throes of depression, but now here they are all together. How much good can they accomplish like that? This is has got to be one of the most effective supplements I’ve come across, and I’ve been researching supplements for close to a decade now. 

Anointed Nutrition is a combination of four supplements: kanna, lithium orotate, curcumin, and PEA. The following link explains them but it can be hard to find the information in the midst of the giant sales page, so I’m going to explain them briefly here as well.

Kanna is a plant known for its ability to improve mood and reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, as well as for its tranquilizing properties. Proof that it actually increases serotonin levels in the brain is in the fact that if you take it with an anti-depressant, you run the risk of serotonin syndrome. Serotonin syndrome is life-threatening and occurs when there is too much serotonin in the brain.

The second ingredient in Anointed Nutrition, lithium orotate is OTC supplement known for its mood and cognitive benefits. It may remind you of the drug used for Bipolar Disorder, which is lithium carbonate, typically just called “lithium” for short. Lithium orotate contains the same active ingredient as lithium carbonate, lithium, but in smaller amounts. For someone without Bipolar Disorder, the smaller amount is all you need.

The third ingredient in Anointed Nutrition is PEA. PEA stands for phenethylamine. According to WebMD, “Phenethylamine stimulates the body to make certain chemicals that play a role in depression and other psychiatric conditions. People who don’t make enough phenethylamine naturally may be helped by taking phenethylamine as a supplement.”

The final ingredient in Anointed Nutrition is curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. This is used in countless supplements to improve the bioavailability of the other ingredients. That means it helps them to get into the brain more easily where they can actually work.

While each ingredient alone would be beneficial, having all four ingredients in a single supplement could be life-changing.

For more information and to make your purchase, visit:

Anointed Nutrition

Supplements for Depression

Supplements for Depression

Here we’ll be discussing some supplements for depression, supplements that have the potential to alleviate some depressive symptoms, to an extent, when it comes to overcoming depression. Remember, this is not about how to cure depression. It’s more about managing it.

St. John’s Wort

This is a common recommendation as a supplement for depression. There are some studies suggesting it may be helpful if you’ve been feeling depressed. There are also some studies suggesting it does nothing. The results are not conclusive. If you are taking an anti-depressant, do not take this in addition to it. That could cause a dangerous condition known as serotonin syndrome. 

The recommended dosage is 900mg in 2-3 divided dosages, so 450 twice a day or 300mg three times a day.

 Rhodiola Rosea 

According to some research findings, Rhodiola Rosea may be effective in treating stress, fatigue, or depression, if you’ve been feeling depressed. It is an adaptogen. If you’d like to purchase it, we don’t sell it here, but this is the brand I recommend for this product. The recommended dosage is approximately 400mg-600mg, split into two doses.


Saffron has been found to be a helpful treatment for depression for those with mild depression. Although it still’s a treatment for depression for other forms of depression, sub-clinical depression is where it most shines. The only one I have found that matches the dosages used in the studies is this one. The recommended dosage is 30mg-60mg per day.

Fish Oil

Although it’s still in its early stages, research is promising that fish oil can help to overcome depression. Fish oil consists of EPA and DHA, and it’s primarily the EPA that has an effect on depression. Therefore, a supplement should be higher in EPA than DHA, like in this one. The recommended dosage is approximately 900 EPA and 600 DHA.

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

Strong evidence suggests that NAC may be a treatment for depression for those suffering from depression. Just remember to not think of it as how to cure depression. The recommended dosage is 2g/day. That may be more easily achieved with the powder: 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is certainly a depression treatment but not in all people. It’s not a guarantee that it’s how to feel better, but if you were to get a large enough group together, it would be a guarantee that it would raise some of their moods. Either way, it’s healthy to get enough vitamin D. Many people don’t get enough. So even if it unfortunately doesn’t improve your depressive symptoms, let it improve your health.The recommended dosage is at least 2,000 IUs. 

 B Vitamins

It’s quite nearly proven that B vitamins improve depressive symptoms because the vitamins themselves are directly involved in mood. It’s a clear logical conclusion. The recommended dosages are at least 50mg of B6, at least 400mcg of Folate, and at least 500mg of B12. 


This is more like an anti-depressant. This is something already found in our bodies. Taking it as a supplement is mildly energizing and mildly mood-boosting. You can take it up to four times a day, although you would certainly start with once a day. 

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This seems to take a while for how to make you feel better, gradually overcoming depression. Ginseng has been shown in many studies to improve mood, among other things. It’s effect on depression is gradually becoming clearer. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 100mg to 800mg. Always start low and then go up.


This is a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin b1). It increases alertness,  levels, mood, and reduces anxiety. It can be purchased both as a powder and as capsules. This could be part of a plan on how to feel better. Here is a link to the capsules. A dosage of up to 600mg is okay. 


These will quickly make you feel better, as you may know, but they won’t necessarily be overcoming depression. As the public seems to understand, coffee, tea, and caffeine provide boosts. The reason “caffeine” is separate is because you can buy caffeine separately, in the form of capsules, powder, gummies, etc. Coffee and Tea, though, contain more than just caffeine and so will provide more benefits than caffeine alone, but they all have their place. I won’t be linking to any of them. I just wanted to mention them.