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Premature Ejaculation Advice – How to Last Longer in Bed and Build Stamina By Using Natural Remedies

Premature Ejaculation Advice – How to Last Longer in Bed and Build Stamina By Using Natural Remedies

If premature ejaculation is slowly ruining your self-esteem and making you feel like less of a man, then it is time that you did something about it. There is no sense in just sitting and feeling miserable about yourself while you do nothing to fix it. If premature ejaculation is constantly a problem for you, then you need to change that and you need to change that today.

In order to give your body the boost that it needs, you need some premature ejaculation advice for men. With the right advice and tips, you can become a better lover in the bedroom who is able to last for much longer.

You want to know what you can do starting today that is going to help you to last longer in bed and build stamina by using natural remedies. You are tired of feeling insecure and you want to change that tonight. Here is the only advice that you need to know.

First of all, getting a good night’s rest can really save the day in terms of premature ejaculation. A lot of men don’t realize just how powerful getting a sufficient amount of sleep can be. When you are tired, your body and your mind both function at a lesser level. This means that you just aren’t at 100%. You want to get to 100% and in order to do that, you need to rest. If early ejaculation is a constant problem, take a close look at how much sleep you are getting. Chances are, you will notice that the less amount of sleep you get, the more prone to early ejaculation you become. It’s time that you got more shuteye to help you build your stamina.

For quick fixes in the bedroom when sleep is not enough, you can use some of these great techniques:

When you are in the midst of lovemaking and you feel your orgasm fast approaching, using the start-stop technique can really save you. This puts your orgasm on hold and forces your body to start all over again. This saves you some valuable time and it is a discreet trick that you can use.

Another fast fix is to stop what you are doing altogether and to spend some time focusing on her body. If you are having sex and you feel it coming, stop what you are doing and then perform oral on her. She won’t catch on to what you are doing because she will be so overcome with pleasure. Then, when you continue, you will be building your stamina and helping to make sex last longer.

Don’t allow premature ejaculation to control your life like it has been doing. You can put a stop to the madness and you can be a better lover for your woman. It’s time you did just that tonight.…

Why Male Potency, Libido and Stamina Decreases

Why Male Potency, Libido and Stamina Decreases

Male potency is the ability of the man to achieve and maintain an erection and to ejaculate to perform intercourse. In this article, we will talk about male libido and potency and under what circumstances they decreases.

Male potency varies considerably from man to man even within normal limits. It depends on age, race, habits, practice, constitution, temperament, erotic influences, psychic influence and interests other than erotic in character, and many other circumstances.

There are both sexually weak as well as strong men. This special deficiency has nothing to do with general physical weakness or vigor. It is determined by the special glands secreting the sperm, or it may depend to some degree on the amount of fluid expelled on each occasion by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

Some men state they can voluntarily hold back a portion of their ejaculate, if they wish to follow the first coitus by a second, soon after. There is no exact information of the causes. But there are perfectly healthy and normal men in their most vigorous year who can only execute coitus twice a week and at the most in exceptional circumstances, once a day. There are other who can repeat the act three or four or more times in succession or at very brief intervals during several days without any injury to their health and zest.

Two or even three successive acts of coitus can be of immense advantage after a few or longer period of abstinence. When intercourse is performed the man often ejaculates very soon not just enough to gratify the woman. In such cases coitus will give both partners relief. Noting is more fatal to love than disappointment in intercourse.

There may be several reasons of sexual incapacity. When more is demanded from any man than what he can perform normally, his body simple refuses. In spite of the most acute excitations, his discharge does not occur. This temporary and occasional inability is quite normal, it is in contrast to the real impotence, which fails before quite moderate incitement and is distinctly morbid.

The occasional sexual incapacity of the healthy man is not only normal but beneficial. It is a natural self defense of the organism against excesses. If more is habitually expected, it damages a man general health. If further ejaculations are expected after the available supply has been spent, great efforts are needed from the brain and body to produce the state of tension necessary for the effective collaboration in the genital act.

Excessive sexual activity may cause slight pains across the loins, and more important diminished clarity and concentration in brain work. This harmful effect should be avoided, as it may quickly become obstinate, and possibly chronic.

Do not habituate your female partner to a degree of sexual frequency and intensity, which you may be quite unable to keep up, for any length of time. When once she is introduced to the maximums of sexual pleasure, you won’t be able to modify her desires when this maximum will no longer be available. It may destroy relationship peace and happiness. It may cause chronic sexual over strain and fatigue on your own.

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Sexual Stamina Exercises – 3 Easy Tips For Men to Have More Stamina in the Bedroom

Sexual Stamina Exercises – 3 Easy Tips For Men to Have More Stamina in the Bedroom

Do you know what sexual stamina exercises are? Do you last as long in the bedroom as you would like? If not, then in this article I will share with you three very easy tips that you can start using to give yourself and your partner more time for making love.

Tip 1 – Specific Positions

Most people are fairly unadventurous in the bedroom. They may only be familiar with the three basic positions such as “man on top”, “woman on top” and “doggie style”. Many of these positions actually keep your love making extremely short. In days gone by this might have been an advantage – to evade a predator, for example. But these days, these positions just don’t cut it. Try other positions such as the “coital alignment technique”. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your partner.

Tip 2 – Anesthetics

There are a number of very popular products out on the market that are designed to make men last longer. Here’s how they work – they all contain medical grade anesthetics which desensitize the penis to a small extent. They work by blocking some of the nerve messages from your skin to your brain. Basically, you feel a little less (pleasure included) but you get to last for longer. Think of it this way – your overall pleasure and satisfaction is the same but you spread it over a longer period. A bit like diluting a drink with water to make it last longer.

Tip 3 – Edging

Another of the sexual stamina exercises that some men find to be to their advantage is “edging”. This is where you masturbate until you almost reach the point of return. Then you stop all stimulation and wait for around two to three minutes before starting again.

The point of this exercise is not to use it while making love with a partner. The point is to do it yourself and, in theory, it should extend your overall time even when starting from scratch. It does work, but gives only a limited benefit. There are other methods of self-training that are far superior.…

Exceptionally Powerful Tips to Make You Last Longer and Cure Premature Ejaculation! Proven to Work

Exceptionally Powerful Tips to Make You Last Longer and Cure Premature Ejaculation! Proven to Work

If you want to last longer and cure premature ejaculation, this is the most important page you’re ever going to read. Here you will learn some exceptionally powerful tips which you can use right now to supercharge your sexual stamina and make you last up to thirty minutes.

You can last even longer if you follow the information carefully and take action on a consistent basis. Don’t neglect this. It’s extremely powerful stuff.

Here are the powerful tips to make you last longer…

Tip # 1 – Find The Reason For Premature Ejaculation

Find out the main reason as to why you have premature ejaculation. They are not caused due to poor sexual stamina. There are lots of external factors that cause this problem. Examples: Performance anxiety, poor masturbation habits picked up when you were a teen.

Most of the teens last only up to two minutes due to poor masturbation habits. Older guys can last only up to six minutes due to performance anxiety. You have to let go off anxiety and focus on experiencing pleasure and having fun.

Tip # 2 – Set A Goal Or Objective

Setting a goal or objective is powerful. It makes your mind work towards the outcome. So if you can last only around seven minutes, set a goal that you will last for twelve minutes. Your goals have to be achievable. Increase it gradually. This works!

Tip # 3 – Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful if you have performance anxiety. They can solve all other problems too. You have to consistently and regularly practice affirmations for optimum success. It takes time to recode your belief system. Here are a few affirmations I recommend you start off with:

I am a great lover

I can please a woman in a way that no other man can.

I am the greatest lover on the planet…

Walking To Lose Weight Part 1

Walking To Lose Weight Part 1

Its hard to fathom out why obesity seems to be on the increase when most of the human race knows it to be extremely detrimental to our health. We have an abundance of knowledge on the subject at our fingertips such as,

experts in the field, who are constantly reminding us of the dangers of over eating.

Our government have their own publicity campaign telling us how important it is to eat our five a day.

Supermarket T.V adverts are getting in on the act by promoting how much better organic food is for us.

or we can do our own research on the web.

But in this day and age, we seem to want things done yesterday. People don’t want to put in the effort to exercise when they are far too busy living life and turn to drastic measures such as diet pills and drugs, or even weight loss surgery, which costs an absolute fortune. Besides, when you stop taking the diet pills, or have had surgery such as liposuction, what’s to stop the weight coming back?

What we need to do, is follow a good healthy balanced diet, and take regular daily exercise, the latter of which can be done just as well at home, taking away for some, the embarrassment of going to the gym and also having to pay exorbitant fees to use them.

One completely FREE form of exercise which is extremely good for you is walking. There are those of us who hate the very thought of exercise, so walking would be perfect for them as they may not even class that as a workout, but in actuality, it’s one of the best forms of exercise that you could do as it is very low impact.

Walking continuously for 30 minutes or even better, one hour per day will burn off fat that your body has stored and build muscle which will help to speed up your metabolism.

Do this every day and you can reduce the risk of,

Breast and Colon Cancer.



Heart disease.



When you first start walking for weight loss, begin by walking for around 30 minutes per day, speeding up the pace for the last two minutes with a bit of a power walk, then, as your strength and stamina builds, up the pace for a slightly longer period of time at the end of the walk each day.

Make a note of how tired you feel after your first walking workout, then one week later, compare how you feel now to how you felt one week ago. I’ll bet your breathing is much easier and you feel fitter in general. This is where you should take care not to get over confident about your level of fitness and overdo things by walking for longer periods of time. Always, always start slowly and build up gradually to prevent injury.…

Lasting Longer in Bed – 2 Strategies for All Night Stamina

Lasting Longer in Bed – 2 Strategies for All Night Stamina

If you want to learn the secrets to lasting longer in bed, then you need to read and apply what’s in this article. First we will talk about the ideal positions for ejaculation control. Next, we will learn one specific technique that will both maximize HER pleasure while at the same time making you last as long as you want! By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to last MUCH longer during sex, starting tonight.

Step 1: Positions for Maximum Control

Let’s look a couple positions that will automatically make you last longer, since they allow you to relax, while allowing your woman to focus on her own pleasure. This sort of timing can lead to some great simultaneous orgasms! Read on.

Cowgirl Position

For many men, coming too soon has a lot to do with being to tense, not relaxed enough. Solving this problem can be as simple as letting the girl do the work! By putting her on top, you can focus on staying relaxed, while she can focusing on directing your ‘magic stick’ to all of her hot zones.


This is a little bit counterintuitive, but I personally feel like I have excellent control while in doggystyle. In this position, you can pound away when your arousal is dropping, or you can get deep inside her and do more of a grinding motion, to minimize stimulation of your sensitive head while maximizing the deep massage of her vagina. Add in some clitoral stimulation with your hand for bonus points!

Step 2: The ‘Secret’ Thrusting Technique for Stamina and Mutual Pleasure

Think about the sort of thrusting you typically see in adult films – it’s rapid, and involves full strokes, in and out. This is a sure way to come too fast!

Some women do like being pleasured like this, but many don’t. It ignores the fact that grinding the woman’s clit while inside her can be the best way to get her to an amazing orgasm!

I’m talking about what many people have described as circular thrusting, where you (in missionary style) enter her deeply, and stay inside her while you use your pubic bone area to grind against her clitoris. This allows you to deeply stimulate her vagina while her very sensitive clit receives full stimulation. And the best part? This technique allows you to stimulate her most sensitive parts with the least sensitive part of your penis –

you’ll last MUCH longer

Moving On

So there you have it. Now you have two positions to try out tonight, along with a semi ‘secret’ technique that will have you lasting MUCH longer. Your woman will thank you!…

How To Have Sex For Longer Durations – 2 Very Effective Tips That Boost Your Sex Stamina!

How To Have Sex For Longer Durations – 2 Very Effective Tips That Boost Your Sex Stamina!

Sexual stamina in bed is an extremely crucial factor in determining a man’s MANLINESS. If he can’t last long enough, the girls will talk bad about him. And it will definitely bring down his manliness.

If you feel insecure of the fact that you can’t last long enough, read on. Don’t worry. I was there and went through the same experiences just like you did. But guess what? I figured it out and increased my sex stamina. It’s possible for you too.

Increasing your sex stamina comes down to just one thing – your ability to have control over your stimulation and therefore, exercise that control over your ejaculate. If you can learn to control the stimulation’s you are feeling and not be consumed by those feelings, you will definitely be able to last for as long as you want. REAL men learn to control these sensations and therefore exercise that control over the ejaculate. It is a skill you have to master at all costs.

Here are the effective tips to boost your sex stamina…

Affirmations – Not a lot of people are aware of the power of affirmations. And even those who know about it are too lazy to use it. Affirmations can simply change your life within some time. The key to success with affirmations is to repeat the statements consistently and persistently.

Over time, you will start to see results. Start saying the following affirmations to yourself on a daily basis: “I can last for hours together in bed. I have a high sexual stamina.” Repeat these affirmations aloud for twenty five times daily for the next thirty days. And then you will know whether they worked or not.

Shift your focus towards her – Shifting your focus towards her and her needs instead of yours will certainly help you last longer. It will also subtly affect your confidence and thereby, help you have more control over the ejaculate. Make out with her for a longer session. Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. Play around with her nipples, navel and neck.

Oral sex for a while is also extremely good to stimulate her and prepare her for a quick orgasm. You can also have her blindfolded and play around by running ice cubes through her naked body. Doing such things will definitely help you last a longer duration during sex. A foreplay that lasts for about at least thirty-forty minutes is recommended before thrusting your penis. Changing sexual positions often will also help you last longer.…