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Treating Premature Ejaculation – What’s a Good Remedy to Boost Sexual Stamina?

Treating Premature Ejaculation – What’s a Good Remedy to Boost Sexual Stamina?

As you probably already know, there is no shortage of choices of products available to treat premature ejaculation (PE). However before we look at some of the options that make a good remedy, we should try to define exactly what PE is and if in fact you do suffer from it.

Indications you could be a sufferer:

A� It only takes a few minutes to reach a climax when making love

A� Your relationship with your partner is under stress because of this

A� Your partner is left unsatisfied on more than half of your lovemaking sessions

If one or all of these affect you, then you fit the definition – you and about half of all the other guys out there. However there is no reason to continue to be humiliated by it because it is so common. The important thing is to recognize it and take action to do something about it because it can be fixed and you will be able to last longer in bed.

So how do you know what is a good remedy?

For me, the key factors in evaluating a good treatment are twofold.

A� The remedy needs to be based on NATURAL body and mind responses

A� It should provide to you with a lifelong PERMANENT solution to lasting longer in bed

Let’s take a look at the some of the alternatives available right now.

These are some of the so-called ‘cures’ for early ejaculation prevention.

a. ANTI-DEPRESSANTS – It boggles my mind why a man would be prescribed a strong chemical such as this but it does happen. As a society we have become dependent on the quick fix solution and pill popping has become part of the culture. But at what cost? To be effective (and they do work to certain degree) you have to consume them on a regular basis so you have to be under the control of a medical professional. Apart from the cost which is considerable there are the side effects of the drug that have to be considered. These include a significant loss of libido( sex drive) and an increased difficulty in ejaculating plus whatever else these powerful drugs do to the psyche. It certainly wouldn’t be my first option but sadly there are many men who surrender to the temptation.

b. ANESTHETIZING APPLICATIONS – These are very popular and take the form of various creams, sprays and lotions which are infused with a numbing agent to take away the sensations and presumably allow a man to increase his sexual stamina. These are also relatively expensive because you always have to have them available and of course they are messy and rather inconvenient. They can be useful if you need something unexpectedly but remember if you are using them with a trusted sexual partner and thus without a condom, the same numbing agent will be transferred to her and her sensitivity will also be reduced. This tends to negate the effect that you yourself will receive from using them.

c. NATURAL RE-PROGRAMMING – This is my preferred remedy for controlling your ejaculatory response for the two reasons I mentioned above. First of all as the name implies, it does not involve the use of external or internal chemicals but works on changing the way the body and mind reacts to the sensations produced during sexual intercourse. These various techniques when laid out in a step-by-step strategy have been proven time and time again to be the most effective at enabling you to withstand the sexual sensations, thereby preventing premature ejaculation. Secondly, the results are permanent. It’s like learning how to ride a bike – once you’ve got it figured out you never forget! It will take some effort and discipline on your behalf but after a short while you will start to see a measureable difference.…

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5 Ways Smoking Zaps Your Energy and Stamina Levels

5 Ways Smoking Zaps Your Energy and Stamina Levels

If you want to be successful as an athlete, you should forget all about smoking. Smoking is the number one factor that affects one’s performance in sports, particularly those that necessitate high levels of energy and stamina.

1. Significant reduction in energy

Getting enough sleep and observing healthy diet are enough to fuel your body with the energy it needs for your upcoming sports activity. But if you’re a smoker, you could be running low in energy no matter how much you sleep or eat energy-enhancing foods. In a 1999 study, researchers compared the energy levels of non-smokers with smokers and found that the latter spent 6.3% more energy than the former. By quitting smoking today, you can significantly increase your vigor, ready for your sports or exercise.

2. Reduced volume of oxygen (VO2)

Volume of oxygen refers to the amount of oxygen your body utilizes per minute. The more oxygen you access, the better you perform. If you’re a smoker, you are likely to have a reduced VO2. This was the finding of a 2008 study carried out by Larry T. Wier from NASA Wyle Laboratory. He looked at the VO2 maximum levels of runners who light up regularly and found a significant reduction in the VO2. This in turn, affects their performance in sports.

3. Poor dilation of the arteries

Even if you only smoke 5 cigarettes a day, the performance of your arteries is reduced by 50%. How does this affect your energy and stamina? Basically, arteries need to dilate so the muscles could get more energy (in form of nutrients). Without proper dilation, muscles could not get enough oxygen and nutrients. As a result, they feel tired and become swollen. Even if you don’t smoke, but regularly inhale secondhand smoke, your arteries will still suffer.

4. Weaker immune system

Smoking makes you more vulnerable to certain disease-causing organisms because the hazardous components of tobacco have the ability to alter the structure and immunological defenses of your lungs. The development of diseases necessitates additional energy because the immune system has to do its best to fight off the infection. The good news is that the effects of smoking to your immune system are reversible if you stop smoking now.

5. Changes in appetite

The body’s main source of energy is food. The normal response of the brain whenever it detects an energy imbalance is through appetite stimulation. Smoking can negatively affect this process by suppressing your appetite. In an animal study, scientists found that mice that were exposed to cigarette smoke had a 30% reduction in appetite, causing them to eat fewer amounts of food.

Other habits that are linked to smoking, such as poor intake of nutrients, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy lifestyle, all affect a person’s energy and stamina levels.

You might think that quitting smoking today is impossible. But actually, it’s easy. It’s easy if you know what to do and what to avoid. There are many smoking cessation methods that were proven to help smokers quit. By knowing more about them, you can increase your smoking cessation success.…

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How to Increase Your Stamina and Last Longer in Bed

How to Increase Your Stamina and Last Longer in Bed

Every man would like to know how to increase stamina in bed to totally satisfy his partner. There are many different ways to be sure that you and your partner have a completely satisfying relationship in the bedroom. Here are a few favorites.

1. Get to know her before you sleep with her. It has been proven that the more comfortable you are with your partner, the better chances of success you will have at longevity. This means open communication and vocal direction in bed. If you are with a woman you don’t know very well, it is like trying to get to a foreign destination without a map.

2. Try disconnecting when the moment gets really hot. Okay men, this does not mean have a fantasy about someone else. This means that in order to reach real longevity, you will have to be disconnected to a certain point. Don’t let the heat of the moment get to you. Make sure your partner has climaxed before you let yourself get carried away.

3. Longevity’s best friend is foreplay. Women need to be given a little more time and attention in order to really be in the mood. This is the main way that they differ from men. Men are kind of like a light-switch; they are either turned on or they are turned off. Women have many different levels of being turned on and off. This is where communication comes in. Ask your girl what gets her going and then try it out. If you can make her climax before you start intercourse, you will have nothing to worry about because she has already been satisfied!

4. Try different positions. There is nothing that ruins a great love-life like lack of variety. Be willing to experiment and try other positions to see if you like them. You just might stumble upon a position that you and your partner can excel at.

5. As a last resort, there are some numbing condoms that men can use to take away the sensation. If you have tried everything else and nothing has worked, try one of those. They are available at most drug stores for purchase.…

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How to Build Stamina During Your Workouts

How to Build Stamina During Your Workouts

You want to know how to build stamina. This is particularly valuable for different types of professional and non-professional training. It is also valuable for the general health. You become more physically fit and reduce your risk of suffering from fatigue and lethargy. In order to get all these benefits, you simply need to develop an effective stamina building program.

How to build stamina? Your goal is to develop your aerobic endurance. This is the ability of your body’s circulatory and respiratory systems to supply sufficient amounts of oxygen to your muscles so that they can be physically active for longer periods of time.

Since you are aiming for aerobic endurance, you have to base your work out program on aerobic exercises. The most widely used aerobic exercise for stamina building is jogging. However, this is not your only choice. If you are physically fit to run long distances for a long time during the day, you may readily choose running. Individuals with bone and joint problems as well as ones who are more susceptible to injuries should definitely consider swimming at their main exercise. Cycling is a good choice as well.

If you want to know how to build stamina in general and not for a special athletic event, you may want to choose a combination of these aerobic exercises. However, since endurance training is quite demanding, you are highly recommended to make any combinations only with the assistance of a professional trainer. This is particularly applicable to those who are not use to working out regularly.

Should you add some strength training exercises to the workout regimen? There are a variety of stamina workout machines to select from. Strength training is recommended especially to those who need to build some muscle. Again, if you incorporate it in your program, you should definitely consult a professional trainer to get the right amount and type of exercise you need.

There are a variety of stamina building methods to select from. Long slow distance training is the most widely used method of all. It is used in different sports, such as long distance running and cycling. It is also recommended to those who have not previously worked out to boost their endurance. That is why it may be the best choice for you.

The idea behind long slow distance training is simple. You have to increase the distance you are covering while exercising by a small proportion every time you exercise or every other time you exercise. It is best for you to increase the distance covered gradually with adding short distances at a time. In general, it is best for you to devise a plan before you start training.

Now you know the basic rules on how to build stamina. They key to success is to devise an effective program. Another important thing to keep in mind is that since endurance training uses up a lot of energy, you should set a special diet regiment as well. Include more protein in your diet and eat at least five times a day.…

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What Can a Man Do to Last Longer in Bed?

What Can a Man Do to Last Longer in Bed?

The majority of males would rather stay quiet than talk about this particular kind of topic. In fact, I’m not overly comfortable when conversing about this kind of subject either, but it is really important to talk about it so that other men can fully understand it after which they can work towards uncovering a remedy for it. I expect that this article will help you answer some issues you may have and convince you that you can find important things you can complete to better your problem.

To start, ejaculation problems can be treated, in spite of what the majority of guys believe. The issue generally does not evolve from a physical incapability. The issue is instead usually caused by feelings – ones that are created while a guy is very young. Most men that have troubles claim that they started around puberty, so to totally appreciate this, you have to think about the problems adolescent guys face.

When a young male reaches puberty, the new sensations that he is experiencing are pretty new and strong. Nearly all adolescents want to experiment but fear getting caught or being walked in on. They therefore experience the need to do it as quickly as possible.

While these exact same young males grow up and begin having romantic relationships with other people, they realize it’s tough to stay in control of their physical responses. It has developed into such an acquired response that unlearning it takes a lot of time, and in some cases, specialist counseling.

Even though these instances are rather common, you’ll find other explanations behind a man struggling with his restraint. Quite often, a guy will go through a faster-than-usual response, which will trigger worry about their control. Worry that the same kind of reaction will happen to him yet again will cause the guy to dread that sort of physical response.

That fearfulness feeds off of itself and makes it so just about every experience becomes more and more problematic, until finally the sole thing that can trigger normalcy is counseling.

Moreover this is simply just the beginning of the challenge. Mix with this bodily problems of oversensitivity and millions of guys all over the world are itching to know if the next time they are together with their lover if it’s actually going cause a further sexual failure. These types of troubles are compounded by the fact that numerous men cannot bring themselves to discuss such private concerns.…

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Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Make Sex Last Longer With More Stamina

Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Make Sex Last Longer With More Stamina

Are you looking for a way to avoid premature ejaculation? In this article I am going to teach you how to make sex last longer with more stamina.

This can be a big problem for many men. They are trying very hard to avoid premature ejaculation but it just does not seem like it’s going to happen. Once they get in the sack with their lady they are ready to go… for a few minutes. This is where the negative nickname “minute man” came from and this is pretty much the worst thing that a man can hear sexually. You do not have to be a minute man; you can be the guy that the girls know as a stud! Let’s go on to look at how to make sex last longer with more stamina.

Calm Yourself before Sex

The most common reason that men can’t last during sex is because they get way too excited before it’s time to actually begin the act of having sex. Your wife or girlfriend may tease you to the point of insanity and then expect you to last for hours. This is not her fault, it’s just how she was made. Women take a lot longer to warm up for sex than men. This does not have to be a problem. Spend some time caressing your lady before sex but allow yourself to calm down a little as she is warming up.

Masturbate Before Sex

Masturbation before having sex is a great idea. I’m sure that you have seen that movie where the guy tries to do this but fails miserably at his goal. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to clean up afterwards because you do not want to make the same mistake that he made, that would be quite embarrassing.

Control Your Breathing

When you are getting close to your climax it’s really important that you notice how you are breathing. I am going to guess that you are taking short quick breaths. This is because your heart rate is up. You can actually help to slow the blood flow by slowing your breathing down considerably.…

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Herbal Erection Pills – Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

Herbal Erection Pills – Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

Imagine the situation – you’re in the prime of your health and the most eligible bachelor in town and then bang! You discover you have an extremely low libido and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Dashing all your hopes of getting ‘up, close and personal’ with the lovely ladies. Till finally your sex life is in ruins and you have tried all the prescription drugs with no positive results. Yet herbal erection pills are something you can try and could cure your problem the natural way. Herbal erection pills give you a stronger, harder erection and usually leave your partner asking for more.

How do Herbal Erection Pills Work?

To understand how herbal erection pills work, we need to look at the causes of low libido and erectile dysfunction, such as:

1. Insufficient nitric oxide: Nitric oxide allows the blood vessels in your penis to expand and facilitate seamless flow of blood, giving you a long-lasting erection. Unfortunately, the chemical levels of nitric oxide decline with age and most men with low libido could use more.

2. Insufficient testosterone levels: Testosterone is vital for your sex drive and like nitric oxide, declines with age.

3. Poor blood circulation: If you suffer from a low sex drive, your blood circulation levels tend to be sluggish and your heart struggles to pump it around the body in the desired manner.

4. Low energy levels: Fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc, all take a heavy toll on energy levels. The inner workings of your body shifts its priorities to more important functions, and sex drive, sadly remains low on the list.

All is Not Well with Herbal Erection Pills

To cash on the craze of men going for the kick to get a lengthy hard on, many manufacturers have flooded the market with herbal erection pills made with worthless ingredients. The dangers of using such pills are obvious. Firstly, you don’t get the results you wait so impatiently to expect. Secondly, you risk your health on the non-existent safety standards of such pills. It’s a scam and everyone’s an innocent victim.

In addition, using these pills can collide with other medication you may be using. If you suffer from chronic heart diseases or unstable blood pressure, you are better of kissing your sexual agenda goodbye. These pills may or may not solve your erection problems, but have detrimental side-affects in the long run.

Firminite has an extensive repository of safe and approved aphrodisiacs and medications guaranteed to improve your erectile problems. Visit today and arm yourself with a winning formulation to turn your worm into a potential anaconda.…