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Points to Remember on How to Last Longer in Bed – Forget the Usual Stuff – It’s All in the Mind

Points to Remember on How to Last Longer in Bed – Forget the Usual Stuff – It’s All in the Mind

Firstly, don’t ever think that if your are not able to last long enough to satisfy either yourself or your partner, never tell your self that you’re stuck with it for life.

The mind is pretty much the all important centre of, well everything, when it comes to your body’s actions. Sexual stamina and premature ejaculation are no exception. Consider the wet dream,

How it is one is able to ejaculate in ones sleep, having no physical contact or arousal what so ever. Yet upon awakening, well you get the picture. We can all agree that the mind is mainly at fault in light of premature ejaculation. The mind is a learned and practiced piece of machinery, capable of being rewired and re learnt.

Believe it or not, most men will have practiced the art of using their mind to derive a certain amount of sexual satisfaction. By fantasizing and day dreaming of sexual events, we are forming new and often hard to break bonds with our nervous system.

Just as a phobia or panic attack can be created and strengthened by the mind, which then holds it in place. So can be learning to get more out of sex through the mind’s involvement. This is crazy really, since your imagination is the last place you want to be during love making.

What happens time and time again, heightened sexual arousal becomes strongly linked to mental stimulus, far more than physical. A single man should not spend his time watching porn or looking through magazines. He would and should be using that energy to go out and meet someone special.

It is a case of re wiring your nervous system to respond to physical action not mental. Unconscious imagery can easily start the body’s mechanisms for ejaculation; once again we highlight this fact with wet dreams. In closing, just relax and let your body take over, let nature take its course.…

Do You Struggle With a Portsmouth?

Do You Struggle With a Portsmouth?

We’re now well in to the indoor season here in the UK, which as an archer means you need to be shooting a Portsmouth fairly regularly.

Due to other commitments, I currently shoot about once every ten days. Which means that when I get round to shooting a Portsmouth, it can be difficult. And it’s not just me. Most members at the club I shoot at shoot not more than once a week (in winter at least), and it shows. By the fifth dozen, we’re all struggling. Those using clickers are struggling to maintain back-tension, and many start to forward loose. I don’t think this is particularly unusual.

Contrast this to two years ago when I was shooting about four times a week, and the difference is huge. I remember on one occasion shooting four Portsmouth rounds in an afternoon with a friend (okay, we did shoot our arrows in sixes – something I usually don’t advise indoors). It was a lot of arrows, and I was tired by the end of it, but we did it. Now I struggle with one round, particularly if I shoot quickly or by myself.

I wanted to illustrate what a difference shooting regularly can have on your archery, not just in terms of your form, but importantly in terms of your physical stamina. When we shoot we use muscles that we don’t regularly use in our day-to-day activities, and the best way to improve your stamina really is to shoot more often.

So what do you do if you don’t have time to shoot four times a week?

Practice drawing your bow at home. Clearly, be careful. Don’t use an arrow unless it is safe to do so. And don’t dry-fire your bow, as you can cause a lot of damage to both you and your bow. Draw up, hold at full draw for ten seconds, then come down.

NB If you shoot a longbow, this isn’t an option, as you will damage your bow by holding it at full draw. Remember your longbow is 90% broken at full draw!

If you’re afraid of accidentally dry-firing or maybe don’t have the ceiling height, consider getting a formaster. A formaster is an elastic training aid that mimics your draw action. Try to draw using your elbow rather than your fingers, and make sure you warm up beforehand.…

Want to Last Longer? Exceptionally Powerful Sexual Positions and Techniques Which Are Guaranteed!

Want to Last Longer? Exceptionally Powerful Sexual Positions and Techniques Which Are Guaranteed!

So you want to last longer. Premature ejaculation is a disease that is present in almost eighty percent of the human male population. Women are extremely frustrated because of this. There are lots of magic fixes like pills and gels that claim to make you last longer. But the real truth is that they don’t work. Moreover, they contain harmful substances which will cause impotence(in pills).

The only known way to correct premature ejaculation is the natural method. The natural method involves practice of sex positions, techniques and exercises to boost your sexual stamina and help you gain control over your ejaculate.

A soccer player can only enjoy his game and increase his skill if he has stamina. If he has no stamina, he’ll hate the game. The same is in the game of sex. If you want to enjoy having sex and increase your lovemaking skills, you need to have stamina. And stamina can be gained by the use of these powerful techniques.

Here are the powerful techniques and sex positions to make you last longer….


Thrusting is a powerful technique which makes your woman scream with pleasure. Thrusting involves a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. The most sensitive parts in woman’s vagina are within the first couple of inches.

So when you shallow thrust, your penis enters only about one to one and a half inches. A deep thrust is when your penis enters her vagina completely. Doing this exercise will make you ejaculate less and thereby helping you last longer.

The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is a sex position which has lots of names like woman on top, jackhammer, etc. You have to lay on your back and insert your penis into your vagina.

Laying on your back keeps your body muscles relaxed and your woman is the one who’s doing the stimulation. Therefore you will have more control on when to let go and will be able to enjoy the beginning more.…

You Will Never Last Longer In Bed – Stop Committing These Mistakes Or Continue To Be Frustrated!

You Will Never Last Longer In Bed – Stop Committing These Mistakes Or Continue To Be Frustrated!

Have you become frustrated with your low sexual stamina? Do you feel you can’t last longer in bed despite of trying? If so, don’t worry. I can understand how it is to feel frustrated. I know you aren’t able to share the fact with anyone and want to get the problem handled. If you’ve tried to do something about it before but have failed, it could be because you committed some mistakes.

Most of us are quite unaware of these mistakes as they happen at an unconscious level. It just feels so normal to us that we aren’t even aware of it. And these mistakes are the most disastrous. They cause you to ejaculate faster and make you have a low sexual stamina. The keys is to become aware of these faults and to stop committing them.

Here are the deadly mistakes that are stopping you from lasting longer in bed…

Irregular movement of your penis – Irregular movement of your penis inside her vagina can reduce or improve the control you have over your arousal. If you insert your penis too deep early on, you will have poor control over the stimulation. This is what a lot of men do. They thrust hard and deep. If you do so, you won’t be able to satisfy her.

Apart from that, you will not last long enough either. Your goal is to stimulate her clitoris with your penis. And that can only be done if you move your penis in a slow and shallow motion. Move your penis in a circular motion.

This will make you hit her G-spot repeatedly which will stimulate her even further. In order to stimulate her G-spot, you can also put your finger inside her vagina and move it(Works Best). If you are up for it, you can also insert your tongue in. That’s one of the best ways to give a woman pleasure.

Not changing sexual positions – Doing the same sexual positions for a longer period will definitely make you ejaculate faster but it won’t satisfy your woman nor will it help you last long. It will only make YOU reach orgasm quickly.

If you want the two of you to experience orgasms, you will have to be prepared to change sexual positions repeatedly. Changing sexual positions often will make your woman stimulated more. Apart from that, you are less likely to lose control over the ejaculate as you keep changing positions. So learn different kinds of sexual positions and start using them.…

Focus Up Drink to Increase Your Stamina

Focus Up Drink to Increase Your Stamina

We all know that keeping fit is becoming a necessity these days due to the increasing competition in the market. It is extremely essential for us to increase our body’s overall stamina and strength. These days, a number of health drinks are available in the market that really helps us in increasing our body’s strength and power. Focus Up drink is an innovation in the market which is a great energy drink for all of us. It is a great product for every individual who works out in the gym. In this article, we are going to talk about it in detail.

This health drink has become instantly famous in the market. You need not worry much when it comes to Focus Up drink. This drink comes in an easy to carry pack. You can easily carry the packet from one place to another. All you got to do is to purchase it from the market and consume it. You just need to add certain quantity of water to it. Rest of the work will be done by this health drink. You can easily purchase this product from the market. However, opting for online shopping is a wonderful option for you to pursue.

On the internet you will get access to a wide variety of options in this regard. You just need to place your order online and the product will be delivered to your house in the quickest possible time. The ingredients used in this drink are really healthy. They have no side effects. However, it is better to consult a doctor or health specialist before consuming this drink. This health drink has been evolved by a famous health specialist. He is an experienced individual in this field. Once you consume this drink the overall stamina of your body will enhance in double quick time.

You need to make one thing certain that you do not consume this drink without the prescription of your doctor. I can assure you one thing that once you purchase this product you will never be disappointed. It would definitely help you a lot. We all know that enhancing stamina and power of our body is extremely essential. Without doing this we can never achieve a good physique. One of the additional benefits of this drink is that it even helps in increasing the concentration level in your body. You just need to purchase this product from a reputed store.

Now, let us discuss a few important things regarding the ingredients of this drink. Well, it is of utmost importance for you to know each and everything about these ingredients. Green tea and vitamin b12 are two of the best ingredients used in the production of this drink. Make sure you stay much focused in this regard. You just need to move further step by step. You also need to keep all your options open. Otherwise you might end up on the losing side. Check out this article carefully. It could definitely provide you some crucial guidance.…

I Want to Last Longer! Start Following These Porn Star Techniques Immediately to Last Longer in Bed!

I Want to Last Longer! Start Following These Porn Star Techniques Immediately to Last Longer in Bed!

Do you want to last longer in bed? Do you want to completely stop premature ejaculation? Do you want to satisfy your woman’s sexual fantasies? If so, pay close attention here and read every single word of this page with the utmost attention.

What you are about to learn is extremely powerful. You are about to learn the exact proven techniques that the porn stars use to last longer. Use of these techniques will make your woman wild and make you last longer. The key is to make use of them. Don’t skip any part of this article.

Here are the proven techniques the porn stars use to last longer…

Deep And Shallow Thrusting – Thrusting is an extremely effective technique which can be performed when you are making love. A shallow thrust is a thrust where your penis only penetrates about 1-2 inches of her vagina. A deep thrust is a thrust which completely penetrates her vagina.

The most sensitive parts in the woman’s vagina are in the beginning i.e the first two inches. A combination of deep and shallow thrusts will make you gain control over your ejaculate and at the same time give her more pleasure. Be warned: Your woman is likely to scream with wild pleasure if you use this…

Mind Technique – Most people suffer from Premature ejaculation and are unable to last longer due to a number of factors. One main reason is performance anxiety. Men often get nervous about sex more than women. Sex is a performance where you are supposed to satisfy your woman and at the same time derive pleasure from it.

This anxiety causes most men to suffer from premature ejaculation and screw up. The only way to change this is by altering your belief system. Use of affirmations, declarations and powerful statements are recommended to correct this problem.

Porn stars don’t suffer from this due to their confidence. CONFIDENCE is the key. And it takes time to gain it. The best way to gain it is by repeating powerful statements about yourself and your ability to satisfy women.…

Triple Your Sexual Stamina Using 3 Crazy Powerful Tips – PE Will Be a Thing of the Past

Triple Your Sexual Stamina Using 3 Crazy Powerful Tips – PE Will Be a Thing of the Past

Premature ejaculation ruins the sexual lives of millions of men around the planet. It often leads to anxiety over sexual contact, lack of confidence, stress and in some cases relationship problems. The good news is that you can permanently cure premature ejaculation using all natural solutions. Do not buy any creams, pills or sprays. In this article I will give your 3 powerful tips on how to triple your sexual stamina instantly tonight!

Tip #1: Relieve Sexual Tension First

Masturbate 2-3 hours before having sex. This will greatly relieve any sexual tension you might have. It will make your penis less sensitive to stimulation enabling you to last longer in bed. Many men have reported to last 3-4 times longer using this technique. If you want to do one thing, this is the most effective way to instantly improve your sexual stamina.

Tip #2: Sex Positions

It is no secret that some positions provide a lot more friction and sexual stimulation to your penis. Missionary position is one of them. This is why I do not recommend using it until you have completely cured your premature ejaculation. Missionary position will make get you aroused very quickly and will force you to ejaculate early.

Instead I recommend using Cowgirl positions or Doggy Style. Cowgirl positions put your woman on top, while you are lying on your back. There are two variation of Cowgirl: regular and reverse. In regular Cowgirl pose your partner is facing you, while in reverse Cowgirl she is turned the other way and you see her back and hips. Both Cowgirl and Doggy Style positions will give you more sexual stamina, as it is easier to control your arousal level in these positions.

Tip #3: Breathe Deep

Breathing deeper than normal can make a huge difference in the amount of time you last in bed. All you have to do is pay attention to your breath during the intercourse and make sure it is slower and deeper than normal. However do not breathe too deep and do not hold your breath.…