CAUTION! 3 Sexual Stamina Myths That Can Destroy Your Confidence in Bed

By Suzana Mikolova Mar 18, 2022

CAUTION! 3 Sexual Stamina Myths That Can Destroy Your Confidence in Bed

What is the average length of time a man should be expected to last during sex? Is premature ejaculation a problem that I should be embarrassed about… or is it to be expected? It is a disease… or something I should seek out medical advice for? Is there a relationship between my SIZE and my sexual stamina… and if so, what is it? And what is the BEST way to improve my ability to last longer in bed… without doing anything weird, wild or dangerous? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to examine some of the most common PE myths and explore some easy ways to remedy them as well. Curious? Let’s continue by reading on below!

Myth #1: Premature Ejaculation is a Disease (and it can be “treated” with drugs)

The truth is, PE is a naturally occurring problem that affects millions of men, for hundreds of different reasons. Some men suffer from PE simply because they are inexperienced, or too easily excitable. Others because of age, or due to other sexual dysfunctions that can be improved with attention. But PE is NOT a disease, and there is no known medication that is prescribed for men who suffer from sexual hyper sensitivity.

Myth #2: You can’t have a satisfying sex life if you ejaculate too quickly

The truth is, this is ALSO 100% false, and a myth propagated largely by those who want you to buy some sort of expensive product, potion or lotion for PE. Believe it or not, most women have dealt with the issue of a man who does not last as long as she’d like, and there are a zillion different things you can do to improve her ability to orgasm EVEN if you still struggle with sexual stamina issues.

For example? Foreplay is an obvious solution that every woman will appreciate… as is being able to have sex a second time, if the first finished too quickly for her to be satisfied. (as the refractory period following a male orgasm is certainly sufficient to be able to please your partner… and she will NOT feel dissatisfied if you choose to use it for her benefit, for sure!)

Myth #3: That men who suffer from PE, do so forever

It’s simply not true. Sometimes a change in relationship (or partner) is enough to have a radical shift in sexual performance. Other times it’s practice, and experience with the current partner. Other times it’s exercises, like Kegel, or psychological attention exercises. (like… the old, “thinking about baseball” trick!) The truth is, if you are struggling with PE right now, there IS hope! And it’s not forever. And while I’m not trying to minimize it’s importance, because being able to please your partner IS critically important to a healthy and long lasting relationship, you shouldn’t feel desperate, or depressed, or disappointed in yourself if you aren’t performing up to par. (you simply need to ADDRESS it and fix it, before it becomes a bigger deal than it is!)

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