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Get Informed by Knowing Reasons for Premature Ejaculation

By Suzana Mikolova Jun24,2021

Get Informed by Knowing Reasons for Premature Ejaculation

Even though premature ejaculation is a general problem for men, it brings a lot of embarrassments. This is simply because as much as a man would want to last longer in bed, he finds himself lasting for only a few minutes or seconds which leads to awkward situations, break ups and even ridicule from the person he is having the sexual encounter with. A lot of studies have been done by medical association but none has come up with solid proof that this condition is medical. In simple terms this condition comes about when a man has inability to control ejaculation long enough to sustain the sexual needs of his partner. It happens to nearly all men at some point and it eventually becomes an issue if it is more than an intermittent predicament. The causes of this condition can either be physical or psychological. However, it is important to note that it is not a problematic medical condition. Having said this, here are the reasons that causes this condition.

• Psychological Conditions: Several psychologists have ruled out that this condition can be caused by mood, stress as well as childhood trauma. For instance, if you started having sex while still young and you did it in a hurry for fear of being caught, is a possible reason for this condition. They greatly affect male ejaculatory response making them not last longer in bed. Serotonin is a substance found in a man’s body which helps in the regulation of mood. In addition, it has an adverse effect on how a man controls his ejaculation. However, if serotonin goes now, the sexual performance of the man also diminishes. Other psychological aspects such as anxiety and overconfidence can cause this condition.

• Medical Causes: There are some medical conditions that may lead to premature ejaculation. However, this can happen as a side effect or simply as a symptom. Such conditions include; nerve damage from surgery, brain chemical levels, neurological disorders, prostrate infection, abnormal ejaculatory system reflex activity multiple sclerosis as well as sensitive penis.

• Physical Reasons: A sexual encounter does not only involve the sexual organs (vagina & penis) but it also involves the brain as well as the nervous system. Those men who have this condition frequently simply imply that their pelvic musculature is hypersensitive. Serotonin as well as the receptor of serotonin plays a major role when it comes to ejaculatory control. This simply means that if man has serotonin, the faster the ejaculation and vice versa.

• Excessive use of Anti-depressants: There are some men who are used to take anti-depressants day in day out especially if they discover they are suffering from this condition. Taking anti-depressants of any sort without consulting a doctor first can lead to delayed orgasm which may cause a man not to perform well in bed. It is for this reason that mean are advised to use the correct prescribed anti-depressants to avoid such an embarrassment.

• Lack of Muscle Control: Most men are not aware of the stop and start technique. This is where a man is advised to stimulate his partner until she is near orgasm then stop for about thirty seconds or so then repeating the same process. A lot of men do not have this control which may cause them to have premature ejaculation even if they had not anticipated for it to happen. During love making, a man is supposed to stop for a while, pinch the tip of his penis until the arousal dies away and then start the process all over again. This way he is building muscle control ready for the sexual encounter. However, if this does not happen, the man may end up lasting for a few minutes in bed which may cause embarrassments.

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