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Get Moving To Get Fit And Trim

By Suzana Mikolova Dec1,2021

Get Moving To Get Fit And Trim

One of the reasons people give why they don’t exercise is because of lack of time. More outspoken people would complain that exercise isn’t really fun. Healthy nutrition is boring, according to them. If sedentary people can find fun ways to get active and stay fit, the obesity problem wouldn’t be as bad as it is today. Having fun often makes people come back for more. If they find exercise and eating healthy a little less boring, maybe they’d be more inclined to make it a habit.

People usually associate exercise with huffing and puffing while trying to lift weights or jogging on the treadmill. Instead of exercise, use the word activity. Riding bikes or hiking are fun activities you and your friends may engage in. If you’re a bit overweight or sedentary, try fitness at your own pace. People who feel in control are more likely to make a habit out of exercise. Even simple activities like walking can be strenuous for some. Allowing themselves to ease into it makes it possible for them to enjoy the activity.

To make getting fit fun, exercise to your favorite music. Studies show that people who regularly listen to music while they are exercising are less fatigued and less stressed out. Your personal preference in music is all that matters. As long as you’re inspired to move and get active, then the music is right. Getting active is more when you’re with people who are close to you. Family, friends or your spouse can make exercise less of a chore. Get into fun activities like hiking or mall walking. Going with a group always makes activities like this fun.

Be aware of what you can and cannot do. A little exercise at first will not overwhelm but can be able to make you hungry for more. Gradually build up on your physical activities. Also, take a look at what you eat. Reducing bad fats, salt and sugar from your food choices minimizes total caloric intake. If you have a family to consider, let them in on the game. It’s more fun to get fit as a family. They may not know it but you’re actually making it easier for them to acquire healthy habits. Convert them into assistant shoppers. Allow them to have their pick of what they want for dinner as long as it’s healthy. This will encourage them to read labels and become savvy food shoppers.

Having fun while getting fit may not appeal to some people. For others, however, it’s the only way they can stick to the entire fitness plan. What’s important is we’re reaching for the same fitness goals. The road we take in order to get there remains our choice.

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