Help! I Can’t Stop Myself

By Suzana Mikolova Jan 8, 2022

Help! I Can’t Stop Myself

Ok, first I have to tell you this is not about me, although it could be because I am so close to the situation. So… what is this all about you ask? Well, I’ll be blunt, it’s about SEX! But it is not what you think. I work in an office with quite a large group of people. The gentleman who I share a wall panel with has become a friend of mine. It is not innocent you say; nope sorry you are wrong. It is very innocent. This gentleman on the other side of the panel just talks to me, and talks to me and talks to me. The stories which come out of his mouth are absolutely incredible. The reason the stories are so incredible is because he is a sex addict. I try to ignore the tales he tells, but it is just too difficult. How can you stop listening to a story that is so absurd that it must be true.

Let’s call this gentleman Mark. Mark is in his second marriage. The poor woman is a bit older than he and must be incredibly tolerant. He spends time between the sheets with her and from what he tells me another woman. As far as looks go, Mark is kind of good looking in a rough kind of way, dark eyes, big muscles. He enjoys the company of his wife at night which he tells me about. Typically, he stays up until 3 or 4 in the morning with her. He then manages to come in to work at 8 am. At 12 noon he ventures over to a girlfriend’s apartment and according to him has knockout sex there. He comes back to work quite red in the face. Most of the afternoon he spends sighing and giggling to himself. We are up to break time now. This is when he starts talking to me about whether he should give his wife some arousal tips. Apparently, the “other woman” uses them on him. Then when the day is over he goes home and starts the ritual all over again.

Mark does a lot of grocery shopping. He says that in order to keep his stamina up he needs to eat aphrodisiac foods. During the work day he eats smoked oysters, figs, bananas (because they look like a penis) raw asparagus, and lots of almonds. These foods may help him sexually, but he has a lot of gas from eating all of that. If he is good in bed, it is not because he smells good. Maybe that is why he giggles to himself most of the afternoon.

When he tires of his noon affair girl, he says he manages to find a new one in a short period of time. I find it unbelievable that he can come up with a willing participant so fast. He claims he loves his wife and will never divorce her. From what he tells me, his wife knows nothing of his living fast and loose during his lunch hour. None his lovers ever call at work or show up at the front door. Most of his conversations are about SEX and what he does and how many times and how many times a day. Maybe he is a liar and makes up a lot of stories to make himself look like a stud.

Maybe he is doing this all for his wife and just telling stories at work.

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