Home Exercise Equipment Report – Reviewing the Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing Machine

By Suzana Mikolova Dec 12, 2020

Home Exercise Equipment Report – Reviewing the Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing Machine

Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise that can be done at home because it incorporates muscles from the entire body. While treadmills work only the lower body, a rowing machine requires you to use your arms and legs as well as the core of the body to carry out every movement. It also doesn’t put the pressure and tension on muscles and joints that is applied when walking on a treadmill.

Rowing is obviously a great form of exercise, but there is another thing that makes the Stamina 1205 precision rowing machine stand out in the home fitness market today: affordability. This indoor rower retails around $300, but can often be found online for less than $200. That makes it more effective as well as more affordable than a treadmill for any home.


The Stamina 1205 is rather simple in design, but it was intended to be a space saving model. In that effort it succeeds, measuring just 32.5 x 48 inches. This is big enough for most users to take a roomy ride that is comfortable, but it is also small enough that it won’t take up a ton of room in the home. Since a rower sits down lower to the ground they take up a lot less space than most other types of home fitness equipment anyway.

The ball bearing rolling design is another big advantage. From the starting position to the very last stroke, the body is pulled up and down the track in smooth, easy motions. This system also cuts down on the noise the machine makes and ensures that nothing breaks or bends too easily.

The ability to adjust the amount of tension produced by the machine is another advantage to using the Stamina rower. You can start out wherever your current fitness level may be and then increase tension as you develop more lean muscle mass and start to get stronger.

Different users can also adjust to different levels of tension, so this is a versatile machine that will work for more than one user in a residential setting.


There are always disadvantages to lower priced home fitness equipment. You have to keep in mind what you are paying for and use the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower with care, caution and reason. Users who are higher in weight should consider going to a higher end model with a stronger frame, since lower end rowers in general will not be as strong.

If you are going to put in long, intense workouts you may also get more life out of a higher priced rowing machine. Just make sure to look for all of the features you find on the 1205 model: quiet, smoother operations and a reasonably sized design, all covered by a reasonable guarantee.

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