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How to Improve Premature Ejaculation – What Most Men Don’t Know!

By Suzana Mikolova Sep10,2021

How to Improve Premature Ejaculation – What Most Men Don’t Know!

For many men who cannot last long enough is bed to satisfy their partner, learning how to improve premature ejaculation isan important part of becoming a better lover. The first thing to understand is that you are not alone. Unlike what many men will openly admit, premature ejaculation is a common concern in the bedroom. Sadly, it’s also a source of great tension is a relationship. Some men even try and avoid sex because of the embarrassment. Sounds silly, but from someone who has personally battled with pe, that’s exactly how I felt. So how can we improve premature ejaculation and completely satisfy our partners in the bedroom?

**Slow Down**

You’ve probably heard this before, but let me explain what it really means to slow down. Slowing down doesn’t mean spending more time on foreplay, it means slowing down the entire process. Go deeper into the experience, softy touch her whole body, building sexual tension and attraction. The magic of this technique is not only will you improve premature ejaculation by extending your lovemaking, you will give her a better experience. Women do not view lovemaking like men. Good sex is based on feeling and emotions, not so much on sensations. Build the tension by taking it slow, and she will thank you.


Here’s another tip that often flies by without any acknowledgment. By why should you relax during lovemaking? How will that improve premature ejaculation and give you more stamina?

It all comes down to your nervous system. Your automatic nervous system is divided into two parts, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is activated when you are in danger or stress. If a wild animal were to attack you, your busy would be in a sympathetic state. The most common example of the sympathetic nervous system is the flight or fight response. But the sympathetic nervous system also caused ejaculation.

The parasympathetic nervous system is the opposite. This is activated in times of relaxation, and conserves energy. This is the key to learning how to improve premature ejaculation. You can still have a full erection and be in a parasympathetic state. As long as you keep relaxed and clear minded, you will not ejaculate. Careful, while the results are profound, this is not as easy as it sounds.


Breathing is one of the most important things you can do to improve premature ejaculation. That’s because it can help keep you in a relaxed state, and keep your nervous system in the parasympathetic state. We can view it as a technique to improve upon relaxation. The effects of breathing should not be overlooked, as you can see powerful results when you master your breathing. Short, quick, shallow breaths will activate your sympathetic nervous system.

Long, deep, smooth breaths will keep your body relaxed and improve premature ejaculation by giving you more control of when you orgasm. It’s important to practice mindful breathing outside of the bedroom. Only when you are comfortable with slow and deep breathing alone can it be helpful during sex.

Sitting for 5 to 10 minutes breathing deep right before lovemaking will make a profound difference, and can be the secret weapon to improve premature ejaculation.

These three steps may seem different, but they are all interconnected. One feeds of the other. Without one, the others cannot be as effective. Focusing on combining JUST these three steps should be your priority right now. Too much information can be worse, as it clouds your focus.

If you want to learn how to improve premature ejaculation and give her a deep pleasurable experience in bed, master these three techniques.

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