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How to Increase My Stamina in Sex – Fail Proof Ways to Last Up to 10 Times Longer in Sex

By Suzana Mikolova Feb11,2021

How to Increase My Stamina in Sex – Fail Proof Ways to Last Up to 10 Times Longer in Sex

Many men are on the quest of learning how to increase their stamina during sex. I wonder if a lot of them have already found the simple ways in order to achieve what they want. The average time for men to get sexually aroused until reaching their orgasm is only a couple of minutes. This specific length of time makes the sexual experience very frustrating and disappointing for most of the men. It upsets for them to know that they cannot last long enough to satisfy their partners and they are not certain about what they can do in order to change the situation. Therefore, it is important that you look at the tips below before you proceed to other more aggressive solutions to your problem.

In this way, you will be able to increase your stamina during sex and you will be able to achieve the best sexual intercourse in your life. Your partner will be able to reach her orgasm as well and this will make the both of you satisfied in your sexual life.

First, you need to eat healthy. Consume the foods that will increase your stamina so that you can last longer in bed. You can eat blueberries because these contain vitamins and minerals that will help enhance your sexual stamina. Aside from blueberries, you should also eat a lot of other fruits and vegetables because they are likely to give you the strength you need not only in bed but in all your activities. If you eat healthy foods and the healthier you get, it will improve your sexual performance.

The next thing you should do is practice the correct breathing. This is another way of increasing your stamina during your sexual activity. During sex, we all know that your body becomes tensed and your breathing becomes ragged. This will cause a heavy feeling that you might just want to get it over with and will result to a performance that you never really intended to do. Therefore, it is important that you breathe in and out deeply, smoothly and slowly so that your entire body will relax. Always make sure that your breathing is natural and steady because if you force it, it will not help you.

Another way for you to last longer in bed is to use a very natural position that is both comfortable and stimulating. You should discover what sexual position you are best comfortable so that you can last longer. This will also help her to achieve orgasm. Inserting your penis into the deepest part of her vagina will always make things more stimulating but will have different effect on your arousal. You should know that it feels good because it will also feel good to your partner.

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