Improve Your Muscle Tone and Balance With the Pilates Performer

By Suzana Mikolova Dec22,2020

Improve Your Muscle Tone and Balance With the Pilates Performer

Pilates performers are smaller version of the reformers popularized by Joseph Pilates, a pioneer of the Pilates exercise method. The portability of this exercise machine makes it ideal for use at home. The Pilates performer is designed to engage your abdominal to achieve a tighter stomach and controlled muscles, as wells as firming and shaping your buttocks, thighs and hips.

Some Factors to Consider When Using a Performer:

Before you start your Pilates workout, make sure that you are wearing comfortable and well-fit apparel. There is no required Pilates clothing. You just need to find clothes that are comfortable to wear. Make space for your Pilates performer. An ideal area is one where there are no pets or children. Place the machine on a level surface and follow instructions on how to attach the various cords.

To start your workout, lie on your back with your feet on the bar and your shoulders aligned with the pads. Inhale and use your quad and glute muscles to straighten both your legs. Exhale and return to a flexed position by using your hamstring.

Watch instructional videos on how to use the various cables to strengthen your abdominal muscles and perform effective leg lifting.

Stamina-Enhancing Pilates Machines:

Some Pilates performers that you can find online on and are:

o Stamina Pilates Performer 4500 – this piece of Pilates equipment allows you to perform various routines and movements that will effectively and quickly tone and sculpt your body. Typical features of this aero machine are two resistance cords, a power cord, adjustable head rest and shoulder pads made of high density foam. It is ergonomically design with wheels for easy movement and storage. The power-coated frame of this gear is easy to assemble and fold. Additionally, this device can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

o Stamina Aero Pilates Performer 296 – you do not have to attend Pilates classes to improve your strength and body coordination. You can achieve this fitness at the comfort of your own home using this device. Some of the basic features of this device are three resistance cords, padded carriage for smooth gliding, adjustable ropes and pulley risers, wheels for easy movement and storage.

This device comes with several Pilates products, including black floor mats and exercise wall chart. The mat measures 86 inches in length and 18 inches in width. It also comes with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder ideal for a cardiovascular workout. Some practitioners of Pilates swear that this device is effective in burning fat and calories without injuring their joints.

Also included is the Magic Circle which features form-molded grips and pads. It helps achieve fitness by providing resistance for faster and targeted toning effect. Similarly, it helps in improving muscle strength and reshaping your body.

A Pilates performer is a great piece of exercise device that, with proper use, would be of tremendous help in achieving a lean and fit body.

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