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Male Stamina in Bed – Increase My Male Stamina Using the Mythological Weapon Approach

By Suzana Mikolova Aug20,2021

Male Stamina in Bed – Increase My Male Stamina Using the “Mythological Weapon” Approach

It has been a while, but I can remember it vividly. Has it happened to you recently? Is it not a horrible feeling when you orgasm well before either you or your partner are ready? There is no worse feeling than NOT having enough male stamina in bed to take your partner to the finish line during intercourse.

There are a lot of ways to ATTEMPT to increase your male stamina in bed, but I have found that the best way is to use the “mytholigical weapon” approach.

I’ll explain. You remember how certain mythological characters had their own special weapon (i.e. Zeus’s special weapon was a thunderbolt) or how it takes a special weapon to kill a vampire or a werewolf?

Well, it is the very same way with increasing your male stamina in bed. You have a lot of weapons to choose from, but there is only ONE PERMANENT CURE TO PREMATURE EJACULATION.

The inferior weapons to increase my male stamina were:

–Using two condoms (this can increase your chances of tearing both condoms).

–Extra thick,sensitivity reducing condoms.

–Desensitizing creams, lotions, and potions.


Ok, so these will help increase our stamina in bed, BUT you will have to constantly PAY for them (yikes) AND they fail to cure you FOREVER. These are just plain old weapons.

Introducing the “mythological weapon” approach:

Remember we talked about the “mythological weapon”? Zeus had his special Thunderbolt. You would have to use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf. Well, with early ejaculation, we need a special weapon or mythological weapon too.

The quick fixes mentioned above only mask the problem. They dont solve it. Our special OR mythological weapon in this case it simply to learn to reprogram ourselves mentally to last longer in bed. We need a silver bulleto or mythological weapon – a weapon that will cure us FOREVER and not mask the problem like creams and pills. That is exactly what reprogramming ourselves mentally delivers -A Permanent Cure.

So, to understand the only weapon that can truly help you increase your sexual stamina for good, I should explain one of the main reasons many guys have trouble lasting in bed.

The short, but sweet version is this. To avoid getting caught in he act of pleasing ourselves when we were in our early teen years, most of us hurried the masturbation process along. We did this so many times that we sub consciously programmed ourselves to lack male stamina in bed when we became sexually active as adults.

We did it so many times that most of us don’t know how to turn it all around so that we can enjoy abundant male stamina.

The Good News Is This. We Can Learn to Re-Train Ourselves Both Mentally and Physically. The physical part is easy. It just involves kegel exercises. The mental part is more challenging, BUT we can enlist the help of a step by step guide to re-train ourselves mentally. This is 90% of the battle, so when you use a step by step guide to help you reprogram yourself mentally to have more male stamina, IT BECOMES EASY.

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