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Points to Remember on How to Last Longer in Bed – Forget the Usual Stuff – It’s All in the Mind

By Suzana Mikolova Mar30,2022

Points to Remember on How to Last Longer in Bed – Forget the Usual Stuff – It’s All in the Mind

Firstly, don’t ever think that if your are not able to last long enough to satisfy either yourself or your partner, never tell your self that you’re stuck with it for life.

The mind is pretty much the all important centre of, well everything, when it comes to your body’s actions. Sexual stamina and premature ejaculation are no exception. Consider the wet dream,

How it is one is able to ejaculate in ones sleep, having no physical contact or arousal what so ever. Yet upon awakening, well you get the picture. We can all agree that the mind is mainly at fault in light of premature ejaculation. The mind is a learned and practiced piece of machinery, capable of being rewired and re learnt.

Believe it or not, most men will have practiced the art of using their mind to derive a certain amount of sexual satisfaction. By fantasizing and day dreaming of sexual events, we are forming new and often hard to break bonds with our nervous system.

Just as a phobia or panic attack can be created and strengthened by the mind, which then holds it in place. So can be learning to get more out of sex through the mind’s involvement. This is crazy really, since your imagination is the last place you want to be during love making.

What happens time and time again, heightened sexual arousal becomes strongly linked to mental stimulus, far more than physical. A single man should not spend his time watching porn or looking through magazines. He would and should be using that energy to go out and meet someone special.

It is a case of re wiring your nervous system to respond to physical action not mental. Unconscious imagery can easily start the body’s mechanisms for ejaculation; once again we highlight this fact with wet dreams. In closing, just relax and let your body take over, let nature take its course.

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