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Stamina RX – Is it Safe?

By Suzana Mikolova Oct9,2021

Stamina RX – Is it Safe?

Stamina RX is commonly and readily available in the market. In fact, it is generally considered as an over-the-counter substance, largely because it is considered as a nutritional supplement. Some countries regarding dietary supplement as a drug consider the said substance as a prescription drug.

Male stimulant

Stamina RX has been designed as a revolutionary sexual stimulant. It is purposely formulated to increase sexual libido and speed up arousal rate.

Used as a dietary stimulant, the substance helps those people with problems during lovemaking. It is particularly useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, allowing them to consummate making love by increasing their erection rate and sustaining the same.

Most Stamina RX dietary supplement is made up of compounds designed to produce the desired effects. Most common ingredients are Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa and Cnidium Monnier.

Xanthoparmelia is used as a muscle relaxant. It helps the person taking the said dietary supplement attain smooth muscle relaxation. This helps attain maximum dilation of the arteries, increasing pressure and, consequently, blood flow.

Erection is largely brought about by sufficient blood flow being diverted into the male sexual organ. Maintenance of prolonged erection is also caused by sustained blood supply into the same.

Cnidium Monnier is a substance that acts as a precursor of the nitric oxide. It specifically increases the rate of release of nitric oxide, while inhibiting the release of PDE-5. The potent combination of effects gives the assurance for sustained erection for a longer period of time.

Watch out for potential health risks

Not all Stamina RX dietary supplements are created equal though. In fact, no less than the US Food and Drugs Administration warn against unbridled use of just any brand of this supplement. Note that is commonly contains Yohimbe. Excessive amount of Yohimbe extracts increases a person’s risk to develop hypertension or high blood pressure and various ailments with the kidney and the thyroid glands.

Most product labels warn against the use of the product by people undergoing treatment for hypertension, anxiety, depression, seizure or even stroke. The United States FDA has determined that most Stamina RX brands contain a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, especially in Europe. Tadalafil, the one single prescription substance found in most of these supplements, has been linked to various coronary heart diseases, increasing the risk of contracting and worsening the same.

Xtend-Life’s Male Rejuvenator

One company based in New Zealand has earned worldwide recognition for its strict and consistent adherence to producing quality and safe products. Xtend-Life’s compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, the industry’s most stringent quality standard measures, has been known as remarkable and outstanding. It applies GMP guidelines from the selection of natural sources, such as varied plants and animals, through their cultivation to extraction processes, manufacturing, formulation and packaging.

Xtend-Life’s Male Rejuvenator is specially formulated from natural sources, such as quertecin, grape seed and green tea. It also contains saw palmetto extracts. Male Rejuvenator is not solely formulated to treat erectile dysfunction. In fact, its most beneficial use is the increased protection from potentially contracting prostrate cancer, particularly among men aging 50 years or above.

However, one treats dietary supplements with specific effects, always take note of potential health risks. It is always best to choose only those taken from the safest and most natural sources and consequently manufactured according to the highest standards in the industry. In that case, Stamina RX side effects will be eliminated using quality and safe similar enhancing products.

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