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The Marathon That Beats Age

By Suzana Mikolova Sep29,2021

The Marathon That Beats Age

Many people have turned to sporting contests involving running, swimming, and cycling to get into better shape. What makes these sports tick is that they are not limited to any particular age. You will see both the young and the old converge in one spot while waiting for the trigger of the gun to set them off. Many of our senior citizens have testified in favor of these sports. Many have admitted to getting in good shape as they are forced to leave bed at the crack of dawn to exercise. They train for a couple of months awaiting the big race and the day when they can actually go an extra mile in their race. The aftermath of the race: pain in the muscles.

To have a healthier body, you need to maximize what you do right before the race, through to after the race. Pre-race routines that many do are: having a light snack, hydrating adequately, and warming up. These are very vital. What you do prior to the race determines how your body reacts to the strain you put on it. On getting in the real race, you are completely taken up by the challenges thrown your way. You will see contestants who will pursue you like your shadow. You will also probably be trying to overtake the immediate guy before you. Nevertheless, you hit the finish line; look at your timer, and then proceed to cool down.

Yes, good health also involves watching what you do to your body after the race. Proper post race habits will give you a good stamina and keep you continuously fit for future races. A few things you may do at this stage could include trying out a few simple stretches while in the shower, that is if you have a no-slip mat and ample space to move. Make this a routine while bathing in warm water as this aids in relieving you of any tension. Start by squatting down holding that pose for not less than 20 seconds. After that, slowly reach out for your toes and hold that pose for another 20 seconds.

A good scrub is very crucial in helping you eliminate the race grime. Besides, it also relives your tired limbs of tension. Smear a small quantity of shower gel on your washcloth or sponge and scrub yourself using small circular motions. Consider adjusting your hand pressure and scrub stroke where necessary to soothe your tired body parts. Ensure the gel you use will not leave any oily residues on your body. If you have to go out of your city for another race, ensure the amount of gel you carry along is double the usual, just like the shampoo and shaving cream. Alternate the use of warm and cold water while cleaning up in the shower. It helps stimulate your circulation and speeds up recovery as well. Do this three times and let it center on parts of your body that are especially sore. You will recover in a pretty short because of the self massage. The older you grow, the more vigilant you should become about your routines. That is how you will be able to take good care of yourself at old age.

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