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How To Stop Ejaculation Effectively – 3 Tips To Last Longer in Bed

By Suzana Mikolova Mar5,2022

How To Stop Ejaculation Effectively – 3 Tips To Last Longer in Bed

Have you been wondering how to stop ejaculation effectively? This is a common question that around 75 percent of the men worry about during sex. Are you one of those men?

Even though this problem can be a menace during sexual intercourse, and can cause a strain in your relationship, it is not permanent. If you are wondering if is it possible to stop rapid ejaculation and completely satisfy your partner, you are in the right place.

However, you need to take a few steps to increase stamina in bed and control ejaculation. This problem is quite common and can spoil a couple’s sex life. This is because you might be continually thinking about it and getting nervous or even angry over it. Your diverted attention can reduce your partner’s pleasure!

Therefore, how can you stop ejaculation exactly?

Focus on increasing her pleasure!

Research states that men and women are both likely to reach a sexual orgasm at the same moment. However, the woman is not really aware of her own body, so she takes longer to reach climax. Does this fact cause you problems? Make this your solution!

If you are thinking about how to stop ejaculation in bed, it will be more troublesome for you. On the other hand, if you use this as a tool to have longer lasting sex, you will definitely be better off! You need to focus on her and her alone. Stop thinking about your premature ejaculation and concentrate on pleasing her. This will also make her aware of her own body and the pleasure that she will experience.

By doing this, you will be distracted from your own pleasure and your problem may not be a problem at all! Your partner will surely be more turned on and will reach climax as soon as you do.

Get her ready to reach climax.

When a woman is aroused, she takes more time to reach a climax than a man does. Thus, you need to continue focusing on her and stimulating her body. Prepare her for an orgasm.

Meanwhile, don’t get too aroused and slow down your breathing. If you don’t, your heartbeat will rise and you will get aroused to have an orgasm yourself. Take slow, deep breaths to control early ejaculation. This way, you will be relaxing your diaphragm muscles and impeding your own ejaculation.

Bring her closer to orgasm while increasing your sexual endurance.

When your partner is on the verge of climax, you need to practice a little more control before you both reach climax together. You can do this by focusing on other ways to increase her pleasure. Do not focus on how to stop ejaculation and lasting longer. Also, you can focus on your own body. Admire your arms and your muscles and notice their movements. By noticing these, you will increase your authority and control over the situation.

Once she is ready, you can penetrate her so that you both reach climax at the same time. In doing so, her pleasure will be heightened and she will be thoroughly satisfied. At the same time, your problem will be cured and you can enjoy a climax with your partner instead of facing a rather embarrassing ejaculation.

Now that you are aware of the techniques to cure your premature ejaculation problem, you can enjoy sex as much as you’d like. There will not be any problem and your partner will have no complains. She will definitely enjoy the time with you in bed.

With the tips on how to stop ejaculation you have acquired, you can increase your own pleasure, as well as for hers, and make the entire experience a rather unforgettable and sensual one.

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