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What Can I Do to Start Lasting Longer in Bed?

By Suzana Mikolova Mar3,2022

What Can I Do to Start Lasting Longer in Bed?

If you want to be able to last longer in bed, today we’re discussing this topic.  It’s so common, however most men simply discount the issue.  By taking the proper steps, it’s possible to permanently last longer in bed.

Admitting that reaching orgasm too fast is an issue is a critical first step.  When you aren’t able to last very long, not only is it more disappointing for you, but it’s annoying for the girl.  It’s natural that woman prefer to be having sex with a man who has strong stamina as it is more enjoyable for her.

Let’s discuss some of the strides you can implement to increase how long you last.  You can progress to the point that you can last however long you wish if you learn the right plan and stick with it.

To start, will want to do something that is called “PC muscle exercises”.  With these, you are actually working out the muscles that become involved when you climax. By beefing up the PC muscles, you can have better control over your stamina.

It’s amazing the results you can achieve once you begin to beef up the PC muscles.  Most guys have never done anything to make them stronger, yet they are the answer to making your sex life more pleasurable.  Not only will it increase your stamina, but you will find your erections will grow stronger and your orgasms more powerful.

Second, you need to better grow your awareness of the arousal process and the sensations that your body feels when having sex.  There are a mix of exercises that you can perform to grow a better understanding of what you experience during sexual excitement. 

This is important because you need to be able to spot when you’re very close to having an orgasm and then “slow down” to have the ability to delay your orgasm.  And with the right practice, you won’t need to slow down a lot – you will simply slightly slow down the pace until you’re no longer on the edge.

By following the correct program, you can advance how long you last in bed by a huge amount.  The important part is to jump on it and take action!  You will drastically advance your stamina in a very short time period by carrying out the proper program.

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