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Sexual Stamina Exercises – 3 Easy Tips For Men to Have More Stamina in the Bedroom

By Suzana Mikolova Jan22,2021

Sexual Stamina Exercises – 3 Easy Tips For Men to Have More Stamina in the Bedroom

Do you know what sexual stamina exercises are? Do you last as long in the bedroom as you would like? If not, then in this article I will share with you three very easy tips that you can start using to give yourself and your partner more time for making love.

Tip 1 – Specific Positions

Most people are fairly unadventurous in the bedroom. They may only be familiar with the three basic positions such as “man on top”, “woman on top” and “doggie style”. Many of these positions actually keep your love making extremely short. In days gone by this might have been an advantage – to evade a predator, for example. But these days, these positions just don’t cut it. Try other positions such as the “coital alignment technique”. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your partner.

Tip 2 – Anesthetics

There are a number of very popular products out on the market that are designed to make men last longer. Here’s how they work – they all contain medical grade anesthetics which desensitize the penis to a small extent. They work by blocking some of the nerve messages from your skin to your brain. Basically, you feel a little less (pleasure included) but you get to last for longer. Think of it this way – your overall pleasure and satisfaction is the same but you spread it over a longer period. A bit like diluting a drink with water to make it last longer.

Tip 3 – Edging

Another of the sexual stamina exercises that some men find to be to their advantage is “edging”. This is where you masturbate until you almost reach the point of return. Then you stop all stimulation and wait for around two to three minutes before starting again.

The point of this exercise is not to use it while making love with a partner. The point is to do it yourself and, in theory, it should extend your overall time even when starting from scratch. It does work, but gives only a limited benefit. There are other methods of self-training that are far superior.

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