Why Male Potency, Libido and Stamina Decreases

By Suzana Mikolova Jan26,2021

Why Male Potency, Libido and Stamina Decreases

Male potency is the ability of the man to achieve and maintain an erection and to ejaculate to perform intercourse. In this article, we will talk about male libido and potency and under what circumstances they decreases.

Male potency varies considerably from man to man even within normal limits. It depends on age, race, habits, practice, constitution, temperament, erotic influences, psychic influence and interests other than erotic in character, and many other circumstances.

There are both sexually weak as well as strong men. This special deficiency has nothing to do with general physical weakness or vigor. It is determined by the special glands secreting the sperm, or it may depend to some degree on the amount of fluid expelled on each occasion by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

Some men state they can voluntarily hold back a portion of their ejaculate, if they wish to follow the first coitus by a second, soon after. There is no exact information of the causes. But there are perfectly healthy and normal men in their most vigorous year who can only execute coitus twice a week and at the most in exceptional circumstances, once a day. There are other who can repeat the act three or four or more times in succession or at very brief intervals during several days without any injury to their health and zest.

Two or even three successive acts of coitus can be of immense advantage after a few or longer period of abstinence. When intercourse is performed the man often ejaculates very soon not just enough to gratify the woman. In such cases coitus will give both partners relief. Noting is more fatal to love than disappointment in intercourse.

There may be several reasons of sexual incapacity. When more is demanded from any man than what he can perform normally, his body simple refuses. In spite of the most acute excitations, his discharge does not occur. This temporary and occasional inability is quite normal, it is in contrast to the real impotence, which fails before quite moderate incitement and is distinctly morbid.

The occasional sexual incapacity of the healthy man is not only normal but beneficial. It is a natural self defense of the organism against excesses. If more is habitually expected, it damages a man general health. If further ejaculations are expected after the available supply has been spent, great efforts are needed from the brain and body to produce the state of tension necessary for the effective collaboration in the genital act.

Excessive sexual activity may cause slight pains across the loins, and more important diminished clarity and concentration in brain work. This harmful effect should be avoided, as it may quickly become obstinate, and possibly chronic.

Do not habituate your female partner to a degree of sexual frequency and intensity, which you may be quite unable to keep up, for any length of time. When once she is introduced to the maximums of sexual pleasure, you won’t be able to modify her desires when this maximum will no longer be available. It may destroy relationship peace and happiness. It may cause chronic sexual over strain and fatigue on your own.

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