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Stamina Rowing Machines Review

By Suzana Mikolova Feb19,2022

Stamina Rowing Machines Review

Stamina Products Inc. was founded in 1987 with their motivation being focus supplying superior quality and worth to the fitness and leisure markets. As the years passed, Stamina fitness equipment has become an excellent choice and has even been featured in other celebrity lines of fitness equipment.

If you are angling for a good, low impact workout, the Stamina rowing machine is perfect for you. Stamina rowers compact design is perfect if you do not have a lot of workspace and they feature wind resistance similar to what you would experience if rowing on water. Not only that, they have a line of machines which are portable, so you can take them with you even when you go on vacation. The Stamina machines are also equipped with a padded seat sitting on a ball bearing roller system to provide you with added comfort and a smooth glide every time. Not only that, they come equipped with an LCD display that gives you feedback on your rowing speed, time, the calories that you have burned and the distance that you have covered.

Each machine also comes with eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance. Additional special features include rotating rowing pedals and foot straps on each of the pedals to provide you with ease and perfect grip while you work out. No more risk of your feet slipping while you are in the middle of your rowing workout. For further ease and handiness, you can also add the resistance cord under the seat for light leg presses.

The powerful steel construction of each Stamina rower makes it to be built for durability. Each rowing machine can also be folded so that it becomes really easy to put into storage. The machines also have wheels included that enable you to transport the unit from one place to another. The exclusive Hand Grip Pulse Sensor also assists in measuring your per minute heart rate. The Stamina Rowing machine really gives you value for your money and makes you feel like you are a professional rower and gives you a great workout too.

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