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Surfing in a Comfortable Environment for All Skill Levels

By Suzana Mikolova Jan15,2019

If you have never surfed before, it can seem intimidating. Staying balanced on the board, not getting pulled under a wave, and steering clear of any unfriendly sea creatures are things that can make any beginner nervous while surfing. More experienced surfers may have mastered the basics, but are needing more guidance on larger wave techniques. Whatever your skill level, a surfing class can be helpful in getting you to the next level. Some activities, like surfing, are best done in groups with common strengths or statures. For instance, a kids surfing class may teach surfing differently from an adult class. Sometimes having an instructor the same gender as you can help give you tips on how best to surf with your body type, since most males and females use their bodies differently in athletics. Whether you live close to an ocean or are looking for something fun to do while on vacation, these tips will help you find the right surfing class for you.

Skill Level

The first point that will help you narrow down your surf class options is skill level. Surf schools usually offer several different options to choose from. There are even classes for in-between skill levels as well. If you’ve surfed before, but it’s been awhile or you’re not quite ready for intermediate lessons, a beginner plus class is where you may feel most comfortable.

Type of Class

As stated above, sometimes it’s easiest to choose a class based on age and/or gender. A womens surf school may even help ladies feel more empowered by the comradery of learning to surf together. A children’s surf class can also be taught in a way that connects with kids and keeps young ones in shallower water.

Certified Instructors

Certified instructors are a must. They will be trained in various forms of teaching and skills, so they can help you learn in the best way for you. They should also know where the best locations are for each skill level and keep you safe while you are in the water.

Student to Teacher Ratio

If the class size is too large, you may find yourself waiting around most of the time rather than having fun like you planned. No more than 8 students per teacher is recommended. This ensures you will be offered enough turns on the waves with a bit of rest time in between.

Surf Accessories Included

If you don’t have your own surf gear, you will want to look for a school that includes this in their packages. Usually surf schools will provide the boards, vests, wetsuits if necessary, and gloves or shoes depending on the weather. You will need to bring your own swimming suit and towel. It is recommended that you also bring a change of clothes for afterward, especially if you have anything else planned later.

Surfing is an exciting activity that almost anyone can enjoy. Finding a class suited to your needs will make the experience even that much more fun.

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