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Understanding the Nature of Migraine Headaches

By Suzana Mikolova Sep9,2018

It is normal to feel as if the migraine headaches one might be experiencing could be caused by having so much stress from people. However, there are many other factors that can cause migraine headaches. The World Health Organization have proven that it’s one of the common and disturbing illnesses to people across the world. Consequently, other studies have shown that migraine headaches are experienced by millions of people across the world making a significant percent of the total population. In a recent study in the USA women are more likely to suffer from migraine headaches as compared to men who have an approximation of 12M out of the total of 36M.

It is evident that some people will call their work places not to report to work due to a migraine headache high point nc. Yes, they are such minor illnesses to think about by they can be very debilitating especially in a work environment where you have to ensure full productivity. It can also cause dangerous driving since the driver may not have full focus on the roads. Despite that large numbers of migraine reporting, there has not been a clear cut cause of the illnesses. Nevertheless, it is believed that the imbalance between chemicals in the brains and other hormones might be the underlying cause. Other medics have identified different environmental factors that may accelerate the migraines.

Causes of Migraine Headaches

Fluctuation of estrogen levels- most people who suffer from the illness especially women are affected by the imbalance of the estrogen levels. Mostly, the women suffer migraine as they are on their periods. However, it is not limited to pregnancies or other age related illnesses such as menopause.

Unhealthy diets- different types of foods are known to trigger the onset of this particular illness. At most times they are the non-recommended foods such as carbonated drinks, red wine, a lot of caffeine, beer among others. Despite caffeine being natural remedy for headache treatment as recommended by physicians it can cause harm while taken excessively. Additionally, other factors such as fasting for long can trigger the migraines.

Environmental factors- these factors are mainly loud noise, too much stress, very hot and bright sun. Hitherto, the changes in the weather conditions have been confirmed to be an accelerator of the migraines and other illnesses such as arthritis. These factors cause fluctuations in the size of the blood vessels increasing or decreasing the blood circulating in the head.

Some of the symptoms of migraine headaches might include; unable to stay under bright light for long, nausea, sensitivity to loud, diarrhea and vomiting among others. As said earlier, imbalance of the chemical I the brains can trigger migraines. Therefore, magnesium being one of them, it is important to maintain its levels to the normal. But in case of any imbalances, it might cause; Depression, migraines, mood swings, to mention a few. Its unfortunate that some of the remedies to the particular illness have adverse side effects thus the struggle of many medical researchers to seek medication that could help the patients in future.

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