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Walking To Lose Weight Part 1

By Suzana Mikolova Jan15,2021

Walking To Lose Weight Part 1

Its hard to fathom out why obesity seems to be on the increase when most of the human race knows it to be extremely detrimental to our health. We have an abundance of knowledge on the subject at our fingertips such as,

experts in the field, who are constantly reminding us of the dangers of over eating.

Our government have their own publicity campaign telling us how important it is to eat our five a day.

Supermarket T.V adverts are getting in on the act by promoting how much better organic food is for us.

or we can do our own research on the web.

But in this day and age, we seem to want things done yesterday. People don’t want to put in the effort to exercise when they are far too busy living life and turn to drastic measures such as diet pills and drugs, or even weight loss surgery, which costs an absolute fortune. Besides, when you stop taking the diet pills, or have had surgery such as liposuction, what’s to stop the weight coming back?

What we need to do, is follow a good healthy balanced diet, and take regular daily exercise, the latter of which can be done just as well at home, taking away for some, the embarrassment of going to the gym and also having to pay exorbitant fees to use them.

One completely FREE form of exercise which is extremely good for you is walking. There are those of us who hate the very thought of exercise, so walking would be perfect for them as they may not even class that as a workout, but in actuality, it’s one of the best forms of exercise that you could do as it is very low impact.

Walking continuously for 30 minutes or even better, one hour per day will burn off fat that your body has stored and build muscle which will help to speed up your metabolism.

Do this every day and you can reduce the risk of,

Breast and Colon Cancer.



Heart disease.



When you first start walking for weight loss, begin by walking for around 30 minutes per day, speeding up the pace for the last two minutes with a bit of a power walk, then, as your strength and stamina builds, up the pace for a slightly longer period of time at the end of the walk each day.

Make a note of how tired you feel after your first walking workout, then one week later, compare how you feel now to how you felt one week ago. I’ll bet your breathing is much easier and you feel fitter in general. This is where you should take care not to get over confident about your level of fitness and overdo things by walking for longer periods of time. Always, always start slowly and build up gradually to prevent injury.

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